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Kamen rider Rider 7: Season 6 Chapter 12 Vanished

Yongou watched the footage shown by the hologram as he chuckled. "Well, seems the Riders are all gone." He said as Sangou leaned on the wall "V3 absorbed First and Seconds radation from there belts." as Ambassader hell entered "It doesnt matter its still a lethal dose." He said as Hell bowed to them. "My leaders, the Gaiaroids are starting there evolution." He stated as Yongou sat up "Oh? I didnt know they could...evolve." Hell stood up as 2 were brought in steaming "Allow me to show you." with one move his hook slashed them as they hissed and fell convulsing. They screamed in a inhuman voice as there skin pealed back shedding it showing a Rider like form. "Behold our new Hoppers, or should I say Gaia Riders." Sangou was shocked as Yongou clapped "Amazing Ambassador." He said getting off the thrown and walking over to look them over. "When can we launch them?" He asked as Sangou clutched his fist. "soon, they will be the head of swarms we send out." laughing Yongou patted one "Perfect! soon the world will bow to DARK SHOCKER!" 

Songou leaned off the wall as he began to walk for the large doors "Where are you going?" asked his partner as he turned "Getting some air" he said as Hell watched as a thought came to his head.

1 month later

Nick slowly woke up as bubbles rose around him as his eyes went wide as he panicked before feeling the glass of the machine he was in before a nurse ran over opening it. Water pooled as he fell out as he pulled off the oxegen mask. "W-what happened?!" He asked catching his breath as he got up grabbing the nurse "Where are the others?!" as the Nurse tried calming him "Easy you've been out for a month you're safe!" Nick panted as he saw Rox inside another tank as he went over hitting a button as it opened as he fell out. "Rox! Rox! wake up!" he yelled slapping his face as Rox's eyes opened as he shot up "WHERE ARE THEY!" he said coughing "Oh thank god you're alive!" Nick said hugging his friend rox panted as he shook.
"d-did we fail?"  Rox asked as Nick nodded "guess we did..."

The door opened as Mark came in his right arm just a nub as he was dressed in normal clothes. "Hey you guys are awake....and naked." Rox and Nick looked at they realized "k where are clothes?!" Nick asked as the Nurse spoke up "we had to cut them off of you and burn them they had enough radiation to make anyone sick." as Rox realized they were in. "Decom suites....my company made them." as Mark nodded "We all got f***ed up, I've been staying with Jesse, Joe went to find Allen that Pharmacy company stole him, Ace went back to Atlanta." Rox slicked back his wet hair "Any other bad news?"
Mark came over and sat down "We lost our belts, all damaged and Jesse's is bricked." Nick punched the container he was in. "This is not supposed to happen!' as Rox nodded "I may have an idea though." as Mark tilted his head "what do you mean?" Nick lit up a bit "Wait you mean." as Rox finished "Tachibana, I could see if he could rebuild our belts."  Mark lit up "think he could rebuild my arm?" as Rox shook his head "Doubt it, but I know another guy used to work for SHOCKER then Black Ghost, he's with the Double 0 Cyborgs now" Thinking for a moment before a Nurse came in with clothes with a doctor Mark pulled out his phone. "Got it, so I'll hunt down the guy who can rebuild my arm." Nick finished getting dressed and put on a new pair of glasses and nodded "And we will get Tobie" Rox nodded as he zipped the hoodie half up. "Right, Lets get going then." as the three left the hospital after being checked out Rox pulled out his keys before remembering "Oh right...my bike exploded." Mark smirked "I had something brought for you." as a black motorcycle was waiting at he looked at it then down "Skulls old bike..." as Mark rubbed the back of his neck "You had it storage i can send it back if-""No its fine thanks." He said smiling "See you in a while." He said to his friend as Nick got on his "well lets get going!" 

Jesse leaned on the railing of the race track as cars passed by. He had to get away from all that happened last month as he smiled loving to see this. "Excuse me?" Jesse turned seeing a man coming by and leaning on the railing "You're Jesse right? Kamen Rider v3 right?" as Jesse nodded "yeah...well was." He said looking at the race. The man smiled a bit before turning. "tell me..how though?" Jesse took a minute before awnsering "well, I defended my friends and I broke my belt." as the man shook his head "No, How do you keep fighting like that? why?" Jesse thought for a moment "cause, I made a promise to protect others" he said as he rolled his sleeves up to look at the tattoo on his wrist of mustical notes wrapped around it. The man looked before realizing "I..I see."  Jesse felt his phone vibrate as he saw the texts. "well I gotta go but I'll see you around" the man nodded "I'm Ichiro.." He said as Jesse turned smirking a bit "right, well nice meeting you then Ichiro."

Ichiro stood there for a bit before looking at his hand "A promise...to protect" looking around he pulled out the bronze Rider belt as his hand grazed the shocker logo. 


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