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06/11/2021 04:32 PM 


I'm fairly easy going, both in and out of character, so it won't be difficult dealing/working with me on Rps or even just chatting. I'm always down for more friends and connections. That being said, I do have a few things to mention.

1. I work a lot and am out of the house a solid 11-12 hours out of the day. When I get home, I'm generally exhausted so patience is very much a key thing. Sometimes it may take be a bit to work on a reply, but it does get done. Please do not rush/spam me for replies cause that will only kill the mood  for me. If this is a no go for discussion/storylines, I understand. Better to clear the air and be upfront.

2. Don't auto/dicate my character's actions, especially if it comes to spar/fighting. I've rp'ed in more heavier fight groups before and that's always a buzzkill. While I'm not actively looking for conflict/fighting type roleplays, I'm not completely opposed to them either.

3. Shipping. I'm not against it, but since Clark is depicted as being with Lois, that would be the only character I would ship/pair him with. That said, if a Lois does come along and we decided to pair our characters, please remember it is only IC and to be kept as such.

And that's it. Pretty straight forward I think. Looking forward to writing with everyone.


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