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06/11/2021 04:04 PM 

Home means everything.

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms.” – William J. Bennett

Sicily was probably the most beautiful places that you could Imagine, and it's one thing to
go and visit, but to be able to live there was a dream come true for Anabel. What was even 
better than Sicily, her home and love, was that she got to share it with her family, and while her 
family was a... Different kind of family, she loved them all just the same. The Sicilian Scavo 
Mafia stayed close; Men were brothers, Uncles, cousins, and Women were sisters, Aunts,
Mothers to those who didn't have them. If one fell, the others helped pick them back up, it
was just the way of their life to keep alive, to keep thriving, even through the dangers of
others trying to end them, whether it be permanently or put them away for the rest of their lives.
The Scavo Family was her life, and what better way to celebrate that life than a big dinner.

Anabel was sixteen, she had the whole world ahead of her and it came crashing down the day
she collapsed at school. She had just recently been diagnosed with the brain tumor and it felt
as though the world was out to get her, that how could God be so cruel into allowing this. It was
clear to her Father that she was taking it hard and the only thing he figured that could keep her 
mind off of everything was a family dinner, outside in the beautiful landscape of Sicily with music,
good food, good company, and no one to bother them. It was a surprise to Anabel, so when her 
Father told her to get dressed in something nice and cool, she was hesitant but fitted herself 
with a red skirt that hit right above her ankles that spun every time she did, and a white top
that showed her sun kissed shoulders. Leah, one of the women that was married to one of
the Scavo Mafia men helped her with her hair, putting it up in a bun and lacing it with a red
flower to top the outfit off before guiding her out of the room giggling. "You will love it, your
Father put a lot into this." He always did, she thought. When she went through the doors,
Anabel stopped and saw the table full of food and the people conversating. Her heart skipped.

"Anabel! My darling!" Vincent came to her and pulled her into a hug, kissing the top of her head as
she embraced his warmth, wishing she'd never have to leave his side ever. "Do you like?" Like?
Anabel pulled away when he did and shook her head. The ones that meant the most to her was
here, standing all around her. It made her tear up. "Do you not want this, Anabel?" "I love it, 
Patri.." Her voice quick, and shaking. Vincent grinned proudly and hugged her once more, "We 
are all here for you, My little bird." Anabel sniffled and wiped her eyes for a moment, biting her lip
in nerves, "Does everyone know?" Vincent nodded, "Yes. Only because I want you safe. If you were
to seize, I want them to all know just in case." She felt embarrassed now and her shoulders
slumping alerted her father, "Anabel, listen. We are family. We face storms together. No matter
what sort of storm there is." Anabel nodded, and oddly enough; She felt okay with whatever
was happening in her life. "Now come, let's eat."

The festivities began, Anabel grabbed a plate and sat down, laughing with some of the girls
about some of the boys trying to do dares. One boy, in particular always stood out, and that
was Luca, Vincent's right hand man's son. She stared at him for the longest moment until
he caught sight of her and smiled, Anabel smiling back and blushing, turning away. "Someone
has a crush.." Anabel gasped and shook her head, "Do not!" The girls teased her before he
came over to them, the boys following. "I hear you're sick, Anabel.." One of the boys commented
and Anabel shrugged, feeling small again. They tended to say and do stupid things, but those
were typical Sicilian boys for you; No filter. "She's not sick, shut up." She glanced over at where
the voice came from. Luca always defended her.

As they ate and chatted, one by one some of the girls and some of the boys disappeared until
it was just Luca and Anabel left. "Once I'm old enough, I'm joining your father." Anabel glanced
over at her father before back at Luca, "And I'll get to protect you and everyone else." Anabel
blushed and bit her lip, "I don't need protecting." Boy that was a lie and somehow they bought 
laughed in sync. "Are you going to die?" The question caught her off guard, and she didn't
like the fact everything was about her, "Not if you're protecting me." They both smiled and ate.
It wasn't an awkward silence, one she grew to enjoy with his company.

The food was lingering, people going back and nibbling here and there as the evening began to
wind down. Some people started music and Anabel was up there with the girls dancing as Vincent
watched on like a proud father. "What will happen when you're gone, Scavo? Anabel needs a husband
to take on this family business. She's too sweet." Vincent laughed and nodded, "In time, she will find
someone." Just then some of the boys took to the dance floor and began dancing with the girls, Anabel 
finding herself stuck with Luca which she didn't mind. They grew up together, he knew all her secrets. 
They laughed and he twirled her, Vincent watching carefully. Luca's father licked his lips, "Maybe you
don't have to look far, Scavo." Vincent raised a brow and took a deep breath, "She needs protecting.
A shelter from the storms, no matter what it is. She's too innocent to face them on her own." A hand
was placed on his shoulder and a voice came through, "She has us, Scavo, she won't be alone."
No matter what came her way, She had her family protecting her through the hail and storms. 



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