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06/11/2021 02:31 PM 

Drabble #O1

Just paid you a compliment...

Darkness was the last thing he remembered seeing before opening his eyes and brightness flooded in. A deep, hoarse gasp escaped him as he jolted up from the hard surface his body laid upon. His body. Richard didn’t understand the foreign feeling that overcame him, his eyes squinted against the light in the room he was in while he looked at his hands. What the hell was going on? Was he alive? Where was he and whose body was this? Richard couldn't help but ask questions while he traced a tattoo located on his forearm. Deep heavy breaths caused his now beating heart to pound as his hands moved to his bare chest. He was there, in the flesh with air filling his lungs and a beating heart. Blood was pumping through his veins, but something was different.


Looking around frantically his hand gripped the blanket that was draped over him, his eyes capturing different items in the room, soon realizing he was in a dilapidated cabin probably somewhere deep in the woods. Richard pulled the blanket with him as he slid off the table and held it around his waist, noticing a mirror on the wall in front of him, his feet stumbled against the worn wooden floor. A swift movement of his hand against the surface of the mirror removed the layers of dust that had built up, his breath caught in his throat and his mouth went dry as he gazed at his reflection. Crisp blue eyes stared back at him, dark blonde hair hung in his face and brushed his cheek bones while his fingers gently touched his face just to make sure this wasn’t some twisted dream. Richard’s now blue eyes fell to the other tattoos that were scattered along his chest before he quickly turned from the mirror and tried to focus on something else.


Across the room he noticed a pile of clothes on the table next to some water bottles, with a couple swift strides he reached the table and quickly dressed. Slipping on a pair of shoes that were on the floor, he chugged a bottle of water before grabbing another and repeating his actions. Richard’s head snapped towards the door where he heard a sound coming from outside, the sound of the plastic hitting against the wooden floor was intense as he let it slip from his fingers, it echoed in his ears. While turning slowly, he lifted a hand and raked his fingers through his hair as he moved towards the door. Richard could hear his heart pound in his ears before pushing the door opened and stepping outside. He lifted a hand quickly to block the sun from his eyes but it still took a second for them to adjust.


“Richard..” A deep voice he recognized called his name, but the face he didn’t know. “Mason?!” Richard let out in a low growl, feeling the rumble in his chest “What the hell is going on? What did you do?



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