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06/10/2021 05:36 PM 

A magical evening

"You're gonna be bad for business, I can tell."

The Moulin Rouge it was so much more then it appeared to be from the outside. Those who passed by it everyday probably never realized the secrets it's walls held or the people whose lives it would forever change. Every night it's doors would open to the highest in society who came to watch the orgy of color, music and dance coated in glitter. Harold Zidler prided himself in offering an experience like no other and once you walked through the doors you were in his grasp. Everything you ever thought to be unattainable you could find here at the Moulin Rouge as long as your wallet was fat and your morals were loose.

This decadent dance hall was practically the only home that Satine ever knew, she had worked for Zidler for many years and in that time he made her the star "The Sparkling Diamond" and he was the ring master to this circus of sin. Night after night men cheered for her and lavished her in diamonds and cash because they knew most of the time Satine could be sold to the highest bidder for the night. She despised this but it was sadly part of the job and each encounter would leave her a bit more numb inside but in order to fulfill her dream to someday become a real actress she looked at this as on the job training.

Satine now stood in front of a full length mirror, a smile pasted across her ruby reds, her delicate fingers fiddled with a few stray hairs that had come loose from her perfectly finished hair. Taking in a deep breath she turned side to side admiring the black and silver costume that she wore for her first act of the night. Her hand ran down the bodice of her corset making sure every drape of fabric clung to her body in all the right places. Once she was satisfied at the image staring back at her she went over to the vanity, Satine sat down powdering her face once more and applied another coat of her red war paint on her lips. She picked up a tissue and brought it to her mouth pressing her lips down to rid any excess and threw it in the waste can "Show time" she said softly.

Walking out into the crowded hallway stepping over dancers who were stretching and pushing back costumes that blocked her path Satine finally made it to the swing that would be lowered down from the ceiling while she made her grand entrance. "Thank you" she said as she looked at two of the male dancers that helped her on. She took a deep breath as it started to ascend up to the ceiling, the feeling of excitement left butterflies in her stomach. The cheering crowd echoed through her ears "Satine, Satine, Satine" they all called she smiled softly and then silence, it was time for the show to begin. Thousands of pieces of silver glitter rained from the ceiling like diamonds as she was lowered down to the middle of the room, you could hear a pin drop as they all waited with breathless anticipation.

"The French are glad to die for love" her voice haunted the room as the onlookers gazed at the enchantress they were all under her spell with just a few words from her perfect lips. Then the band picked up the beat, a frenzy of music as everyone cheered and hollered. She flew across the room on her swing before dropping down into the arms of a dozen men clad in tuxedo's who broke her fall. Satine strutted across the room like a peac*ck showing off its feathers as diamonds were shoved in her hands. She flirted and fawned over the rich aging men placing the gifts on her porcelain skin. Satine looked like a goddess drenched in jewels as she continued to work the floor it was then she felt eyes upon her and suddenly Satine knew tonight would not be like the others.


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