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The Beginning. 1x1 with Alpha

He still couldn't believe it. A night out camping in the Beacon Hills Preserve had gotten both Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski far more than either one had anticipated. Stiles had been spotted and called out by his own father. He’d been dragged away by his dad trying his best to keep Scott’s cover so he could stay hidden. Little did either boy realize how much their lives were going to change that night.

Stiles hadn't been there to see it when it happened. The whole thing sent Stiles practically in a frenzy. One of the reasons that he’d dragged Scott out there in the first place was that he’d heard his father’s deputies were searching for a dead body out in Beacon Hills preserve. The asthmatic Scott McCall was certainly supposed to benefit by the fresh air the night before LaCrosse tryouts. He wasn’t supposed to get bitten by a werewolf. Who knew they were more than just a fairy tale?

The son of the Beacon Hills Sheriff was not a stranger to lectures about how listening to the police scanner would do nothing but get him in trouble in the long run. He’d heard so many of Noah’s warnings that he could recite them all from memory, not to mention categorize them alphabetically by subject. He’d gotten so used to it, he’d taken it all in stride. Noah did get to a point where he realized that Stiles would still just do what he would do. He just wanted to make sure his son wouldn’t be hurt or worse. Stiles was just a kid, but he was all that Noah had in the world.

Stiles had left his father and immediately gone to the library at Beacon Hills High School. He started to pull out all the books he could find in regard to werewolves and lycanthropy. He was mesmerized by the Greek myth of King Lycaon. The idea of being turned into a werewolf by a god was definitely interesting to say the least, but somehow he thought that the gods weren’t going around biting teenagers in the Beacon Hills Preserve. Someone or something else had to be responsible for what had happened. He took his books in hand and headed back out the door. There was more research to do, but the library was limited.

The young man had made his way back into the Sheriff's office. Most of the deputies knew him. They just let him in to go sit in his Dad’s office without a second thought. He planted his behind in his father’s chair and started to access his laptop. The computer had access to a greater search engine than in the Library at school or his regular laptop at home. The reach of his digits danced across the keyboard bringing up search results for werewolves and everything that the internet had about them. It wasn’t like there were massive amounts of werewolves running around Beacon Hills… right?

The Beginning
1x1 with Alpha; season 1 Stiles
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
Noah returned to the Sheriff’s station to see Stiles sitting in his office. In a way he was relieved to see it because that meant that his only child wasn’t getting into any trouble. Then again, seeing Stiles on his County Provided laptop didn’t do anything for his anxiety levels. Noah stepped into his office. “STILES. What in the world are you doing?” The Sheriff stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Stiles wasn’t even looking up from the screen. “Research Dad. The school library didn’t have what I needed, so I came here.” He was just so nonchalant about it. The information he was looking for about werewolves came up on the screen in front of him. He was absorbing it all like a sponge. Brown hues darted back and forth across the screen reading it all as fast as he could. He felt something buzzing in his pocket. Stiles was still mesmerized by what he was reading, he didn’t think to even check the source of the ringing.

Noah heard Stiles’ cell phone go off in his pocket. “Aren’t you going to answer that?” He asked as he stood beside a file cabinet with paperwork in hand. Finding that half of a body was weighing heavily on his mind. To find the answers to the woman’s identity and what happened to her was paramount to his investigation. He was going to chalk it up to an animal attack because the woman’s body was found in the Beacon Hills Preserve. The dense canopy of trees had been the home to a number of creatures that had been documented by the US Forest Service. He was just waiting for a call back from the coroner about the seriousness of the attack.

“In a minute Dad. In a minute.” Stiles was reading the last bit of information he could when he started to reach into his pocket to pull out his phone. The icon was at the top of the screen for a missed call. He turned his attention away from the laptop screen for a moment. He tapped the screen to see that he’d missed a call from Scott. He started to clear it off, but was drawn to another piece of information on the screen in front of him in regard to werewolves. The full moon was coming and there was bound to be more trouble.

“Well, who was it? Scott?” Noah didn’t have to be a detective to know that the one who likely called Scott was his son’s best friend since they were small boys. “I can’t believe you’re deep into this schoolwork Stiles.”

“Yeah, well this is a huge project Dad. It’s something that Scott and I are both working on together.” Stiles pondered silently. If you only knew. He tapped the icon on the phone to dial Scott back. He heard the phone connecting as he put it to his ear. All he had to do now was wait for Scott to answer. He couldn’t wait to tell Scott everything he’d found out today.

credit: james kriet


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