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06/10/2021 01:19 PM 

Task #6 - Home

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.” – Cecelia Ahern

Growing up I bounced around from place to place until the money rolled in from my modeling career. That's when my mom was finally able to build a home and decorate it accordingly. It was her pride and joy. While I went on to make my own home in the same exact fashion, building and decorating, it was never the same. It wasn't filled with the feeling that my mother had some how created simply by existing within the four walls she had built. Not to mention the other people who lived within those fall walls and what they contributed to the feeling as well.

Mom was the homemaker. She made sure the house was clean and dinners were made but what was more is that she took the time to show us love went beyond the duties she preformed. She was a shoulder to lean on, someone who managed my every important move with care (she was my manager after all), and a warm and giving soul. The way she treated others reminded those of us around her how to treat others on a daily basis. There was never anything she wasn't willing to give. Before my dad passed he was a strong hold, he shed strength into our home. Whenever things would waver he reminded us to stand our ground. Something my mother backed by reminding us to always stand strong in our morals and priorities in life. Both of which always took others into consideration.

The house was never about just the love for self. Which would have been easy to fall into for myself due to the shallow modeling community I grew up around. It was about the love for others. That's where the true feeling of home stemmed from. My mothers love for all of us. My fathers love for all of us. My love for all of them. Together it created a unity that allowed us to feel the safest at home at all times. "Home isn't a place, it's a feeling," describes the home my mother created and the house I am working on at this very moment on my own.


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