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The Covenant: A really cheesy film that came out in 2006. On the surface, it's another shallow teen film, but after getting to the root of the story, there was actually a really good concept there. It offers a new take on the Salem Witch Trials and who doesn't love content on that? Summary.

Adolfo Constanzo: Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo was a Cuban-American serial killer, drug dealer, and cult leader who led an infamous gang that was dubbed the Narcosatanists by the media. His cult members nicknamed him The Godfather. Constanzo led the cult with Sara Aldrete, whom followers nicknamed "The Godmother". More Info.

Taboo: A television series set in 1814 that follows the story of James Delaney and his return to England after the death of his father. Assumed dead, he instead spent several years in the belly of Africa. The mother/son dynamic between James and his mother was a huge inspiration for Del and Adele. Summary.

As Del develops, more things will be added.


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