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Personality & Attributes - In Depth

Personality/Attitude: Del seemed to be born shrewd, as if he knew exactly what he wanted in life. His ambition knows no bounds in all aspects of his life. He’s still going ten miles after everyone else has quit. There’s a goal he’s working towards and has grand plans for when he ascends -- how to create the finer things in life. He has a few eccentricities and quirks that make him unique (example, when he’s very happy, his voice gets almost sing songy).

Skills/Talents: Telepathy - allows him to read the intentions of others and only some thoughts depending on the person’s defenses. It’s a skill that fully flourished once he ascended. Conduit - his life force cannot produce its own attacking energy, but it can enhance currents that surround him. When he concentrates, he can redirect them to suit his purpose.

Favourites/Likes: Have I mentioned coffee? Pine (he uses needles and branches he forages for smudging purposes). Citrine. Cooking - it brings him this simple, pure joy that he cannot describe.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Sage (the smell and the effect it has on his telepathy)

Goals/Ambitions: His lack of a healthy maternal dynamic has left him stunted. He desperately wants to prove himself to her to show that allowing him to live was not a mistake and that he’d become more powerful than either of his parents could imagine. As far as non-magical goals, he wants to go to culinary school and take this passion of his to the next level.

Strengths: Speed - His ability helps his reaction time against opponents. Assertive. Driven. Calculating.

Weaknesses: Lack of remorse - many times he’s actually had to actively tell himself that he did a bad thing because he didn’t have a normal reaction to the deed in question. If witnessed, he will apologize then shift subjects. Hot tempered and impulsive which leads to poor decision making. His hair trigger weakens his abilities.

Fears: Shadow people - he cannot read their intentions and they take advantage of that.

Hobbies/Interests: Teaching Wolfgang tricks, coaxing recipes from his father, swim team - butterfly is his jam, his friends, school. Regular Routine: Wake up, coffee, school, swim, work, sneaking into the attic to read his ancestor’s spell books, sleep.

Attitude Toward Death: Death is the catalyst to the next form of life and Del’s beliefs sync up to that of Voodoo, taught by his father. The soul will hover around the corpse for about a week. It is in an extremely vulnerable state at this time and can be captured by another warlock or practitioner to be their slave. If it is not captured, then the priest or priestess performs a ritual called ‘nine night’ to sever the soul from the body so the soul may live in the dark waters for a year and a day. If this is not done, the ti bon ange may wander the earth and bring misfortune on others. After the year and a day, the relatives of the deceased perform the rite of reclamation to raise the dead’s soul essence and store it in a clay jar known as a govi. They have a belief that each person’s life experiences can be passed through generations of family and community, which compels Haitians to appeal to the spirit of the deceased. It can then temporarily possess a family member, priest (houngan), or priestess (mambo) to inform any last words of wisdom. Religion/Beliefs: Loosely bases his belief on Voodoo, but also the magic of the other Sons of Ipswich.

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: Every night before his birthday, Henri will take Del and sit on the docks by the original house built by Tituba and her husband. He reveals a new piece of information about their family and the importance of balancing his magic use with respect for his body and his mind. Del sometimes follows this up with a question along the lines of Is that why mom went crazy? Henri never answers. Playing chess with his grandmother Madeline (deceased). One game, on the eve of his 12th birthday, is when his unique power emerged and he was able to beat her for the first time. Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: It’s not something he speaks about because it’s a question that has yet to be answered.

Education/Special Training: Spencer Academy (high school), Cambridge School of Culinary Arts

Place/Type of Residence: Dorms with Danvers (Spencer), Studio apartment in Cambridge (CSCA) Occupation: Drive thru man.

Place of Work: Dunkin Donuts (high school). He really likes the free coffee much to his friends’ chagrin. Boulangerie Utopie - French cafe in the North End. He’s a pastry chef with a speciality in croissants.


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