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rules and guidelines



In character, I want it all. Damn. Day. Other than that? No thanks. As Lillian from Bridesmaids said: Why can't you just be happy for me then talk behind my back like a normal person?



Posting Replies/Drabbles/Other Content

I am at the mercy of my muse. She has extreme highs and abysmal lows. I will not force content, especially replies, because I feel that results in a subpar result. I'll do my best to keep in communication with all my writing partners, but I feel like this is a situation we can all respect.




If the story calls for a little bit to move it along so we don't have to write multipara replies regarding how our characters walked across a room, then I'm fine with it. I've been in that scenario countless times, but I'll always check with you first. So I expect the same in return.




If you've gotten this far, great. By this point I hope it's clear that this whole experience I will base on communication with those who chose to write with Del. Initially that'll start off with messages then, if possible, discord. I don't like to give my handle out right away for privacy reasons, but most likely if we're building a good rapport then it'll happen. That being said, I'm human and will screw up, but overall, I do like to establish decent relationships with my writing partners here. I'm nice. I promise.



Intellectual Property

This is the last and one of the most precious points in this post. Del is my creation and a result of outside influences as well as my own thoughts. I will always give credit where credit is due, but do not jack my sh*t. Inspiration is one thing, but rip offs are so 2008 and I'm over it. So please don't do it.


Now let's get witchy.


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