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Super Stealth Squad (INTRO)

TTB group SL // Mention: Mark One
Super Stealth Squad
WindWalker; /1699344
"I don't care how cute he is. I'm gonna break his face if he looks at you again." Sam Wilson had just become known as Captain America to the world at large. Picking up the shield as Steve had wanted had taken it going into the hands of a nozzle like John Walker to realize he'd made the wrong decision. As much as he liked Bucky, he hated it that he was right.

Sam was just a protective big brother when it came to his younger sister Sarah. Sarah had done what she could during the Blip so that her family would survive. Having Sam back meant a lot to her. Her family was whole again. "Take it easy Captain America. I think you have other things to worry about." She and her brother were out in the Gulf of Mexico fishing.

Sam felt a tug on the net. He just pursed his lips as he glared at his sister. He grumbled under his breath as he pulled in the net. For a moment he just began to bask in the glory of a full net. They had a nice haul for Wilson Family Seafood. "Let's get these back!" He told his sister. She nodded as she headed toward the wheel.

The engine started as Sarah took control. Sam was so proud of her. In his eyes, she was the hero. There were so many like her that had to pick up shattered pieces of their lives and carry on without knowing if those missing would ever return. People like Sarah assured him that his decision to be the new Captain America was the right thing to do.

The small fishing trawler pulled back into the port like Sarah was born to be the skipper. "Nice parking job." He told her as he started tugging the haul toward the edge. "I can't wait to get these beauties out to--" Sam saw a familiar face standing there waiting for him. "Happy?"

Happy Hogan, the right hand of Tony Stark was standing there on the dock with his trademark suit coat folded over his arm and his tie loosened. “Oh hey Sam! Is the fishing good out there today?” He was sweating like he was locked in a sauna. This sort of weather was just not his cup of tea.

Sam left the net on the deck as he climbed onto the dock. He extended his hand to Happy who took it and shook it back. “Yeah yeah. Some of the best I’ve seen in a while. By the way, you should have checked the weather report before you left.” Sam chuckled. “Want to come inside for some lemonade or something?”

Sarah folded her arms over one another and exhaled. Everyone knew who Happy Hogan was and his tie to Tony Stark. The Hero Business was obviously back in action again if Hogan was here for Sam. “I’m sure you’re going to take my brother away from me for a while again.” She answered. “Let’s get you that lemonade to cool you down some.”

Sam knew that tone of his sister’s. He tensed up before turning back to Happy. “You aren’t here for a social call are you?” He inhaled sharply, holding his breath as he did. There was some sort of explanation and it was likely forthcoming.

Happy nodded. “Lemonade does sound good right now. I’ll take you up on that before we hit the road.” He handed Sam a letter that had a copy of his shield on it. Sam took it and began to read the message. The right hand of Tony Stark moved toward Captain America’s sister to allow him a chance to read the message.

Sam took the letter out to read it. After he was done, he folded it over and put it back in the envelope. “I take it, you've already got my gear on the plane?” He told Happy with a look on his face that spoke volumes.

“Naturally. The Boss knew you wouldn’t say no.”

Sam was silent and shook his head. Captain America was needed and of course he’d go. It’s what he did.
credit: james kriet


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