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06/10/2021 05:16 PM 

commentary on muse.

1. What makes you most emotional about your muse?

Meagan has been given the chance of a lifetime: to fully be free of someone detrimental to her health, and she resists that. It's presented in a very permanent way; he doesn't exist in this new reality to come knock down her door, which creates this blanket of safety that abuse victims could only dream of having, yet... Meagan pines for the good memories wrapped up in this complicated relationship. She mourns it. It's heartbreaking and speaks to the depth of abusive ties, I think.

2. What made you write this muse?

A mix of my own interest in alternate universes, the afterlife, and all the things we question but don't have answers to. I was researching children who recall their previous lives with irrefutable accuracy when checked, and stumbled upon this professor who mused that our souls have lived through other times, but some people don't forget or “reset” when they go into the next life, because of something so impactful that happens to them. I warped this to my liking and here we go, au!Meagan.

3. If you could change one event in your muse's life, what would you change?
Not to give a meta response but if I was MJ and not just her writer; speaking as if she was a real person, I'd have ended the Meagan/Aaron relationship before it began.

4. If you could tell your muse one thing, what would you tell them?

You're destined for so much more.

5. If you could give your muse one gift, what would you give them?

The gift of foresight.

6. If you had to take one positive thing away from your muse, what would it be?

Her memories of the original timeline. She could truly start over and not miss a ghost.

7. If you could borrow one aspect of your muse & apply it to yourself, what would it be?

Holy sh*t, her tenacity. She's so dominant in a very expressive way that may be abrasive to some but admirable to others.

8. Do you genuinely want your muse to be happy? What do you think would make them happy in life?

I won't boast and say that I think MJ is the most /deserving/ of happiness, because she isn't a gold star human, per se. Overall though, I think she isn't a sh*t person and deserves more than she's given. I do want her to be happy though. Hm. MJ will be happy being able to do whatever she wants.

9. Do you enjoy putting your muse through angst? What do you think would break their heart the most?

Abso-f***ing-lutely. Break apart their souls so they can live forever, as JKR would have it. Trauma builds character, and MJ will continue to evolve. It sounds sort of silly maybe, but if anything happened to her dog. He's the only connection she has with the original timeline and holds sentimental value.

10. What do you love about your muse?

She's a spitfire. “Take no f***ing prisoners” sort of attitude. The way she challenges men too gets me.

11. What do you hate about your muse?

Jfc, her co-dependency. When she latches on, she LATCHES.

12.What about your muse amuses you?

Her constant pop culture references. There's a movie or tv quote for everything.

13. What about your muse makes you sad?

MJ doesn't realize what a cool, loving, supportive family she has. I sometimes think she's embarrassed of how progressive they are, which is astounding.

14. How would you describe your muse to someone about to meet them in person for the first time?

She's kind of a lot but I swear she's charming and really funny.

15. Would you like your muse as a person if you met them IRL?

I'm sure I would, yeah.

16. In what ways are you better than your muse & vice versa?

I'm muuuch more independent and rational than MJ; that makes me better. She's ruled by emotions, making her a more openly loving (and easily loved) person.

17. What do you think connects to your muse?

Grief. We relate heavily on grief and knowing the feeling of wishing circumstances were different. Granted, our stories aren't the same, but I connect to her through that.

18. What aspect of your muse's personality is most important to you? What aspect of your muse's personality is most important to them?

Meagan's potential to be a f***ing rockstar, go-getter, bad bitch. If she could channel her passion, she could be so much more than she is currently. As for the second part of this question... I'm drawing a blank. That miiight allude to a struggle with her sense of self.

19. If you had to judge your muse & sentence them to a fair fate, what would your judgement be? A punishment or reward?

Both? Both. Both is good.


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