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06/09/2021 06:27 PM 

The Monster Families of Homecoming

Borrowing from the Season 9 Supernatural Episode: Bloodlines, Homecoming is adapting this idea into the Teen Wolf universe.

There are multiple monster families all around the globe. They deal in illicit activities in every country in the world. The activities range from petty theft and money laundering even going as far as trying to overthrow legitimate governments. Stiles Stilinski has gone into the CIA as a means to stop the higher level operations such as stopping the overthrow of governments and the assassination of kings. Stiles has even assassinated heads of governments controlled by monster families that have threatened the foundation of the free world.

The monster families take advantage of those who are also down on their luck. They use them to do things like sell drugs, pass counterfeit bills to gain a foothold in any given area.

Homecoming: Return to Beacon Hills, is looking for anyone who might like to join us as part of these monster families, or as someone who might want to tear them down. These monster families have a tie to the Nemeton and the Return of Jennifer Blake, the Dark Druid. Want to know what it is? You'll have to join us to find out!



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