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06/09/2021 03:18 PM 

Episode 01: The Arrival
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It was early Sunday morning and Nikolas tossed in bed all night. BUZZ. BUZZ. His alarm went off at 4:30 am, he quickly turned it off. Hoping it would not wake up his fiancé, Will. He turned to the other side and saw Will still in a deep sleep, he could not help but smiled and gently ran his fingers through Will’s hair without waking him up. It was the day that Nikolas was dreading the most, he was supposed to meet up with his other cast mates for the reality show he tried so much to get out of. Somehow Nikolas had convinced the producers to allow him to skip out Friday and Saturday’s taping. Nikolas soon got out of bed and headed to his closet. He grabs any last few items he thought he might need and packed them into his luggage. He made his way toward the kitchen turning on all the lights and looked through the fridge to see what he would find to eat quickly.

Nikolas was having his cup of tea when he saw Will come down the stairs. “Hey, mister. Did I wake you? Was I making too much noise?” Nikolas set his cup down and walked over to Will and gave him a kiss. “Did you sleep well? Cause I did not.” He shook his head. “I was about to order a car service to take me to the airport, but since you’re up, would you actually mind taking me? Gives us a bit more time together.” He put on a big smile. “Of course, I’ll take you babe and no you didn’t wake me. It was Sunny.” They both laughed. “I think Sunny knows I’m leaving, and he too is not happy about it.” Nikolas said to Will. “Okay, I think we should head out. I don’t want to miss this flight, I’m already behind two days of shooting.” The guys had already had their proper goodbye the night before over dinner.

The driver to the airport was quick, hardly any cars in the freeway. It was early in the morning after all. When Will arrived to Nikolas terminal they both got out the car and said one last goodbye. Neither one of them wanted to leave the other. “I’ll see you soon, babe.” Nikolas gave Will one final kiss and picked up his luggage and headed inside the building. It was not long before Nikolas board the plane, he slept most of the flight.

He was woken up by one of the flight attendants so he could fasten his seatbelt for landing. Nikolas took forever in baggage claim, they were claiming his bags were lost, but they were simply misplaced for a few minutes. There was someone from the shows crew waiting for Nikolas. “Hey, I would be Mr. Addams.” He smiled and shook the guy’s hand. “Okay, tell me one thing! Has the past two days of filming been hell? I need to know what I’m getting myself into.” He laughed. “Honestly, it’s been pretty fine. I will say they know how to put on a show when the cameras start filming.” Nikolas just shook his head. “I was also told to tell you, when you walk in introduce yourself to the guys.” Nikolas looked confused. “I’ve already met all the guy’s once; we had this photo shoot thing.” The guy shook his head. “Yeah, but it wasn’t caught for the camera.” Nikolas gave the guy this look. “Is this how filming for this show going to go? We make up scenes?” Nikolas quickly pulled his cell phone to text Will. “Oh, yeah. That reminds me. Before we go in, we need to collect your cell phone. The producers want you guys to disconnect from the outside world and stay focused with the people in the house.” Nikolas just shook his head and quickly messaged Will.

TEXT: I have landed and heading to the island. Apparently, we will not have access to our cell phones. So, I will try and reach you whenever I can. I love you.

The guys could only take the car so far before they hopped in the boat to the island. Nikolas nervous began to get the best of him, the guys had already been shooting for two days. So, friendship had formed, and Nikolas was coming in as the new guy. “You’ll be fine. Do not stress it. Just have fun.” The guy from the crew told Nikolas. “Thanks, I’ll try to remember that.” He smiled and continue to message with Will, when the boat docked, they two walked for a bit and then Nikolas saw the house. “Wow, is they were I’m staying?” He looked at the beautiful home that was literally steps away from the beach. “Yep! Go have fun, but first I need your phone.” Nikolas handed his phone to the guy and walked up to the front door. He took a big gulp and knocked on the door, it was not long before the door swung open.

“Hey! You have finally arrived. I’m Noah.” He went in for a guy. “Yeah, I have. I’m Nikolas.” Nikolas walked inside the house with his luggage in hand which was quickly taken by Noah. “I’ll take this to our room. Oh, yeah, we are roommates. I guess you got stuck with me.” Nikolas smiled and looked at him. “Wait, is everyone else also rooming?” The room got a bit quiet, and some guys ignored the question and others just took a sip of their drink. “No, we are the only ones. I guess there’s only 6 bedrooms, but there’s 7 of us and since you’re the last one here.” Noah then made a gesture with his hands. “Got it, got it. I guess that’s what I get for skipping out these last two days.” Nikolas replied. After the guys all said their hellos, Ryan walked over to Nikola and handed him a drink. “Oh, thanks...” Nikolas paused. “…but I don’t think.” Ryan looked at him shocked. “Wait, so you don’t drink! And you are engaged? Why are you even here?” Nikolas set the drink down, he knew there was two ways he could replied. He could be an ass and brush off Ryan’s comments. “Your guess is as good as mine, I didn’t want to be here. That is why I skipped out Friday and Saturday. I am actually a real actor and got forced into doing this show.” In that moment it seemed that Ryan, Duke, and Don were disengaging and left the common room. Only leaving Nikolas, Noah, and Jimmy.

Nikolas looked at the remaining guys. “I guess that was his way of welcoming me.” Nikolas chuckled. “Ignore theme. Ryan and Duke have been bitches since the moment they arrived.” Noah said to Nikolas and Jimmy. Nikolas walked over his bedroom and Noah soon followed him and shut the door behind him so the camera crew would not film them. “Okay, so legit Ryan and the guys planned that. Of course, we all remember you do not drink from the brunch. I just think Ryan is desperate for the camera time.” He laughed. “Okay, see this is going to get annoying really fast. I cannot stand attention seeking people. Legit, I don’t even know if I should unpack.” Noah chatted with Nikolas telling him that things would get better and that they were better off ignoring Ryan and those guys. “Thanks man, even at the shoot I could tell you were a genuine person.” Production knocked on the door telling the guys that they all had an event in an hour. “Well, let’s just hope we don’t kill each other for the remaining time.” Nikola and Noah headed back to the common room, where Jimmy was enjoying a drink. He turned and looked at Noah and Nikolas. “So, I heard there’s this party we are going to on the beach. Ryan’s friends.” Nikolas laughed. “Great, great. Should be fun.”

to be contiued....


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