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The Glory of Love

Spring 2025
Arlington, VA

Stiles Stilinski was a man in love. It had been eight years since he and the love of his life Lydia Martin had left Beacon Hills, CA. The choice to go with the CIA versus the FBI had been his entirely. He wasn't supposed to talk about it, so he didn’t. He reached into the back of a moving van and pulled out a box. There were men there that were unloading the heavier items. He almost pitied them if they scuffed any of Lydia’s antiques.

Stiles took the box into the garage that was on the opposite end of the front door at the house. It wasn’t anything too opulent or overbearing. It was nice. It was remote and it was quiet. Stiles took his box inside the garage and sat it on a table. He pulled out his cellphone. There was a text there from his dad back in Beacon Hills. Noah was retired now and hitting the golf courses most of the time. Stiles found out from Argent that his dad was actually going on a few hunts with him and that irritated the younger Stilinski.

NOAH TEXT: The back nine were killer today. How’s the move?

STILES TEXT: Argent told me about the Wendigo Dad. You’re not fooling anyone.

Stiles stood there grinning at his mobile device. He knew this was the one he kept home with Lydia. He had taken some time off between assignments to spend some time with her. She was a bigwig at NASA now with a complete team under her authority. They had sent some kind of space probe out there. It all sounded Greek to Stiles. He just kept his focus on things he could put his hand on or his gun… or his knife. He pulled out his simple byrd Emerson Cara Cara 2 Emerson opener from his pocket. Lydia didn’t like his knives or guns in the house, that’s why he kept them out in the storage room they had in their condo. Now they had a house and he could do things a little better. The knife snapped open when he pulled it out of his pocket. He dragged it down along the seam of the box that he’d taped up. Once the seal was broken, he slid his hands into the flaps of the box and pulled it back.

Before he could pull out the content of the box, his mobile device vibrated. He pulled that back out of his pocket. His dad had just replied to him. He smirked to himself when he realized that this was likely what his dad had to go through when he was growing up following around the man who meant everything to him. He read what his dad had sent and laughed out loud. He missed Noah so much. He was going to have to drop in and see him soon, off the radar of course.

The Glory of Love
1x1 with song of death
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
NOAH TEXT: Argent likes to get me in trouble. He’s a terrible liar.

STILES TEXT: Are these the headaches that you went through when I had my own police scanner at 16?


STILES TEXT: LOL. I love you Dad. Try not to get gored by a ghoul or anything like that alright? I didn’t think they liked the taste of grumpy old men.

NOAH TEXT: YEAH YEAH smart guy. I love you too. Kiss Lydia for me.


He pocketed his mobile and went back to the box. Inside the box was a black case that had a lock on it. Inside was his favorite sniper rifle that he used on his last mission. He opened the case to check on it to make sure it was still intact. Confident of its condition, Stiles slid the case into a corner of the garage that only he would know about. He couldn’t risk anyone finding out his civilian identity and where he lived. Last thing he wanted was to have Lydia wind up dead because of him.


Outside the residence under a canopy of trees was a man watching the house with long range infrared goggles. He could see the man moving around into the garage. There was a woman elsewhere in the residence. He was supposed to just assess the situation for now. This Operative was on the most wanted of several purveyors of terror in spots all over the globe. He was more than just a man with a mission, he wasn’t exactly human. There was a Supernatural Underworld out there that had seen more than one attempt to put the world under a blanket of darkness. This man from the US was public enemy #1 to the Supernatural Underworld.

The hidden operative began transmitting a series of photos to another location giving a layout of what was around them. The high powered photos were being sent over a secured line to an undisclosed location. Now was not the time to move in on the target. It was reported that his mate was a banshee. That meant they were going to have to tread carefully. Banshees were no small obstacle to overcome.

Once the cache of photos were filled, the man in the darkness began to retreat. There would be another day in which a reckoning would happen. That day was not today.


Stiles found the back stairs that headed up into the main living room of the house. He slid into the room just to silently observe his sexy girlfriend as she was supervising the movers bringing things into their house. She got more beautiful each day in his eyes. He couldn’t believe just how lucky he was to have her in his life. One of these days, he was going to marry her. He hoped it would be soon. Unfortunately with too many people out there who wanted him dead, he couldn’t do that to her.

He found himself lost in thought for just a little too long. She was just staring at him with an annoyed tone. “What? I’m sorry baby. I was daydreaming again about my sexy girlfriend.” It was a feeble attempt to excuse himself from being caught too lost in thought. He was just so glad to be there with her now. He was spending too much time away from her and he hated it so badly. That sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach told him that wasn’t going to end any time soon.

credit: james kriet


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