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06/09/2021 03:04 PM 

no. ac — 04,

Everything  that  surrounded  Lily's life  had left 
a negative   and sour  taste in her  mouth. From
an  abusive  family  that stretched well  into her
late teens  and carried on through her impulsive 
and  regretful   marriage. Nothing ever  seemed
to make sense. She never  felt a   constant flow
of solace. Her memories with Laine was the only
recollection  of a time when  she actually  knew
what it felt like to be cared for. She had no idea
the actual comfort of those around  her. For  as
long as  she   could   remember.  Not  until  she
joined Sanctum. 

Now, she   found  herself  in  almost  the  exact
same situation she had been in countless times
before. She was trapped. Trapped  in this  filthy
basement   with    almost  thirty  other   people.
Handling  it alone probably  wouldn't have been
a problem. But, having to share  the space was
proving  to  be  too  much  for   the girl. Not  to
mention she  hadn't had a sip of alcohol or  any
drugs to numb  her mind. Was that all she  had
to rely on?

 She felt guilty that  the thoughts  had even
skipped  through  her head. What the f***  was
she even thinking? How had she already  began
to steer so far from the path she had chosen to
go?  From  the  path  The  Organization  had so 
graciously laid  out before  her. Lily  knew  that
she deserved to be in the spot she was in.  She
had done nothing but cause trouble and drama
since the moment she'd stepped foot in Seattle.
Finding herself in the  middle of fights;  Even in
every single group gathering she'd participated
in. She needed to do better. Be better. She had
to. Not  only  for herself, but for  them, as well.
She wasn't sure what the  future would  hold in
store for her.. but she knew damn well that she
would  be in a  better  place than she ever  had
been before, and it was all thanks to them.


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