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05/09/2021 01:54 PM 

the singing fish

may 11th. 2002 - while recording their album 'say you will', as well as the documentary 'destiny rules' a very high on mary jane stevie nicks came across a singing fish from the 90s, found some old batteries, and set it up. when the camera crew asked why she was doing it, stevie was quoted as saying 'alright, now we're gonna eject some humour into the recording of this record' before laughing about it and commenting 'come on, you gotta think that's funny, right?

in a deleted scene, stevie takes the fish and sticks it on lindsey's soundboard while he's working on editing the song 'miranda' before pressing play and sitting down due to her not being able to stop laughing. lindsey remarked he'd never have one of them in any house he lived in ever again.

to this very day, she still has one in both of her houses in los angelas, as well as her main home in phoenix


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