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05/09/2021 01:50 PM 

You're A Mother Now, Too.

This isn't how Stevie expected to spend today five months ago.

She expected to be either getting ready to have a baby or have her daughter already right here with her, perhaps Lindsey running around like a crazed lunatic trying to figure everything about parenthood out, or maybe he'd be finishing up painting the nursery and doing a few last-minute things before little Sara was scheduled to arrive. Them joking and laughing, falling in love all over again while reminding themselves why they fell in love to start with so many years ago.

Instead, she's laying in her master bedroom in between tour stops on her "Enchanted" tour, about three weeks away from her 50th birthday, a week away from Sara's due date and there's no laughter. There's no last-minute getting a nursery ready and there are no sounds of a baby crying in the middle of the night. Instead, it was just Stevie in an empty house, the only sounds are her dog, Sula, snoring beside her as she laid on the bed not wanting to get up. Wanting to just spend the day in bed and not do anything, cry if she wanted to, smoke a couple of blunts, and just get high to forget the pain for a little while. 

The sound of her cordless phone ringing made her realize she couldn't do that, especially today,  people have been suspicious about how she's been so distant when she's been home from tour, barely calling when she's actually on the road. For someone who calls her mother every night after she got checked into a hotel to not calling her but once a week, if that, Stevie knew she couldn't bail on today because she and her brother taking their mother out to lunch has been a thing for as long as Stevie remembered. 

Reaching over and grabbing the phone, she would click the answer button before letting a yawn escape her lips while she brought the phone up to her ear. "TeeDee?" Stevie let out a slight sigh, a nickname she's had since she was a toddler because she couldn't say Stephanie, TeeDee eventually turned into Stevie and she's ran with that since she was a little girl - but her mom always stuck with TeeDee. "Your brother called me, are you still coming with us to lunch this afternoon? I'd really hate for you not to come, we're all so worried about you" There it was, the way her mother always reminded Stevie how she was worried, and where Stevie thought she'd always worry too much - especially after she got clean - Stevie was a bit glad she was worried because, quite frankly, she was worried about herself.

"Mama, I wouldn't miss lunch with you for Mother's Day for the world, I planned my tour dates around it. And don't worry about me, I'm just feeling a bit burned out considering I had about four months between Mac's tour and my own, it's nothing a few days off won't fix." She wasn't exactly lying to her mother, she did feel burned out and things, but she's just leaving everything else out of it. Hearing her doorbell go off, it causing Sula to jump out of her sleep and start barking, Stevie raised an eyebrow before looking over at the clock. Seeing it was early, too early for it to be her brother, she was intrigued by who was at her door. "Mama, someone's here, I gotta go. I'll see you this afternoon, alright? I love you" Hanging up the phone and dropping it on her bed, Stevie would scoop Sula up into her right arm before climbing out of bed and walking out of the bedroom. Hearing the doorbell ring again as she jogged down her stairs, Stevie would place Sula down before walking over to the front door and opening it. Being taken back by a man standing there with two dozen black and red roses, he mumbled his words before clearing his throat and trying to speak.

"Miss...Miss Nicks..." obviously he knew who she was, Stevie putting on her best professional smile before a slight chuckle escaped her lips. "Hey, there's no reason to be nervous. Are they for me?" Stevie was still intrigued by who sent them to her, extending her arms after the delivery driver slowly shook his head yes. Grabbing them, she nodded her head to thank them before she'd back up and use her left foot to close the door in front of her. Turning so she could walk towards her kitchen as the fact that she truly couldn't figure out who these were from bothered her, and the fact not many people knew black and red roses were her favorite made the list small and that much more intriguing.

Reaching the kitchen, she'd sit the vase on the islander while her eyes scanned to find a card or something saying who it was. Finding a small black teddy bear brought a small smile to Stevie's face, her eyes spotting the card beside it as she opened it. As soon as she read the 'dear Stephanie' she felt the punch to the gut, sitting down at a stool near the islander as she blinked her eyes a few times to gather her emotions together. The fact he even thought of her today meant the world, but as she read the card more the silent sobs started escaping her lips. It'd make it so much easier to hate him if he didn't act like he still loved her as he did so many years ago, and the fact he did something like this on a day like today? It meant more to her than he'll ever know.

Dear Stephanie,
I know we're not exactly on talking terms right now but I know you'd never be on tour today, your mom would kick your ass. I know today's rough and I'm really sorry I can't be there the way I want to be, I know in a twisted way you understand and I wish you didn't - I'm sure it'd make hating me easier to do. Even though what happened a few months ago still makes you a mother, and since you're a mother now, too - Happy Mother's Day. I love you - let's talk soon, yeah? I miss the sound of your voice.


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