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June 8th, 2021

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May 06, 2021


05/08/2021 08:19 PM 


Hello all, I am new here (Well, not really new the account is)  and I am in need of friends to spark up interesting storylines with my characters. I am an MCRP page. I am seeking for some females to rp with my characters. In need of females rping as characters around the age 17-28 because half of my characters are teens and the others are adults in their early 20's and mid 20's and one male character in late 20's. 

No you don't have to strike up a romantic connection to my characters if you don't want to, I wouldn't mind any of you to just strike up a friendship, I'm super cool with that.

But you all have to be open to a verse that deals with supernatural beings and be okay with it, if not well then I did what I could. But if you're totally okay with that, then feel free to send me a request. But please understand that heavily erotica smut like storylines is a no no! Especially towards one of my specific character. This is not a p•rn hub! I will only allow decent romance if a connection grows between yours and my characters. But like I said, friendship is fine by me.  That's all I got to put. 

Thank you for reading. :)

But no I don't do discord unfortunately.  

​​​​​​But I promise you that all my characters have really interesting background stories. 


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