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05/08/2021 02:41 PM 

Part One: No More Tears AU

Disclaimer: Mentions of captivity, rape. If this bothers you please read no further. 
A/N: This is a complete AU verse type story that will be continued because I wanted a darker look at Jade and the people she knows. Please, please comment because it tells me if you like it. Thanks all! 
Mentions: Demonic Soul, Demented Queen, Morningstar, Dark of the Moon, Starlight, Ungoldly Fiend, Demented Prince. 
Summary: When Alissa Segreti is "announced" dead her children are left at the hands of the magical underworld. Will they all survive, and how? Part 1 of...? 
Title: No More Tears

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape mentioned. 

When the briefest of a touch fell upon her bare skin, the strange feeling of pads of rough calloused fingers, sixteen year old Jade Segreti bolted awake. “Who’s there?” She called into the darkness. She felt herself tremble as she knew instantly she wasn’t alone. Around her neck was a thick silver collar embedded with crystals to keep her powers on low. She couldn’t protect herself. She didn’t have her brothers or sister’s for help and her mother was presumed dead. Jade felt her heart thud madly in her chest.

“What a pretty little thing.” Came a gritty voice in the dark and the girl could make out a strange shape with horns. “Little witch.” Except the way he said it he trailed the “h” off to make her skin crawl. Jade backed up against the fashionable sunburst headboard. The only good thing about this place was the luxury it held. Even now, as ridiculous as it seemed silk sheets on her skin was a reminder of good times, happy times. Times she might never get back again. Her eyes closed then flew open as recalled the thing in front of her. Even in the dark she could tell he was old; ancient. He might even be a wish demon from the look of the horns on his head. She watched as he placed a huge claw like hand on the bed.

If she called out for help, who would come running? Jade pressed her back into the sunburst design. “Go away!” She commanded, making the creature laugh. In the dark she could see it’s yellow eyes glow with intensity. “Go away or else!” The young witch-goddess hesitated in naming her mother, already news was spreading around the magical community that the slayer of Gods was dead. Her children had been kidnapped, broken up and spread about.

Jade only hoped Avery had managed to get away. She knew Caden had helped Bayleigh and Luna escape into Hell. Jareth was already there, but she couldn’t even call to him or Lucifer. Caden, bless him had been with them all but it had been overwhelming for him. She didn’t blame him for that. He had tried.

“Or else what, witch trash? Your precious mother is dead, and your powers are...” he laughed and placed a knee on the bed, making a dip. Jade let out a little yelp. She watched as this creature crawled towards her. “You’re up for grabs don’t you know it? You’re the hottest accommodation on the magical circuit. Everyone wants to place a bid on the Segreti bitch...and I did.”

Jade closed her eyes. She wanted to pray but would it do any good? The Christian God didn’t even answer the prayers of his own people, he wouldn’t bother with witch trash like herself. Besides that she wasn’t able to even walk inside a church anymore. She felt her lower lip tremble. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“Does it matter to you?” The wish demon asked. He laughed once and placed both knees on the bed his weight causing Jade to fall back onto it. She wished she could shield herself from him but couldn’t. He drank her in. “You’re outside of San Francisco. I have a beach house. I’m rather wealthy, so you’re welcome for the lodgings. You look like expensive trash.” She could see his grin in the dark. “I’ve made sure to have you checked. Your health is good, your magic was strong before I cuffed you and you were, best of all...untouched.”


The way he said it sent shivers down her body. All the emotional turmoil she’d experienced briefly had not processed yet. She’d been taken from her family and placed in a van. She’d held Avery’s hand until they had been forcibly taken away. Then to that awful magical medical place where a needle with something had been injected in her body leaving her feeling weak and drained for days until she had brief memories of some kind of exam, then being placed on a long block the item up for sale. Jade had felt hands on her, prying open her mouth, lights flashing in her eyes and had blacked out. She woke up here on this bed. She could faintly hear many demonic voices all eager to place a bid and then “Sold!” Her arms wrapped around herself and she shook.

“You really should thank me.” The demon in front of her continued. “I used magic so you wouldn’t be so traumatized.” She could see his feral grin even now. “I would like to hear that. Tell me thank you witch trash.”

She was in complete darkness and this f***ing thing wanted her thanks? “Go to hell!” Jade hissed out. That was when the talons on his claw dug into her ankle sending fiery ropes of pain up her body. She screamed out when he dug in harder. “Tell me thank you!”

Pain was all she felt and the tearing skin of her ankle bone as he dug in. She refused once more and the pain was unbearable. Jade felt her own blood drip down onto the silk sheets and screamed out. “I’m sorry. Thank you!” The claw was instantly released and she heard a chuckle. “Good girl. Now. To get what I paid for.”

“Please. Don’t. I’m only sixteen. This isn’t my life.” Jade whispered. She felt his claws on her again but they were softer.

“Age doesn’t matter little witch. As you should know.” He yanked her down and she felt her body slide towards him. Her eyes closed and in that moment Jade wished they would close forever.



The wish demon wasn’t the first, nor the last. She bounced around until age twenty one when the urge to have a Segreti witch faded and she was able to escape. Jade recalled the day with clarity. She took her chance as her new captive owner, a magical drug user tried to get her hooked. She refused and earned a black eye but managed to pretend to take what he was doing. When he was passed out she pushed him away, took what money he had which would be enough for a hotel and a warm meal. Looking down at the mortal who had magical drugs through him Jade picked up his blade. It was a simple hunting knife with serrated edges. She held the knife up and a candle’s flickering flame bounced off it. Jade raised the blade high.

Just as she started to slam it into the pathetic mortal’s back she hesitated. She dropped the knife and instead picked up his leather jacket. It was an old fashioned motorcycle jacket and she liked it. Jade slipped it around her worn tee shirt and slipped her faded jeans back on. She didn’t have a purse and slipped his five hundred into her new jacket pocket. She took his lighter and pack of smokes, a bottle of full Jack and headed out. It was the first time since she was sixteen she had freedom. She knew she looked a mess and she kept her face down. Her hair was shoulder length and wild now. She tried not to care for it or herself to make herself as undesirable as possible. Eating once in a blue moon had helped that, her figure was nothing but skin and bones now. Finding a bus station Jade bought a ticket and went to wait for her ride.

She kept glancing over her shoulder but the drug addict might have if she was lucky overdosed. She felt her stomach grumble and headed to a vending machine looking at all the choices. Fresh food. Her eyes closed and she got change for a twenty, then went back with a hopeful look. Jade found a chicken salad sandwich not as good as her mother’s, but it was something filling. A coke was added to that. Jade hadn’t had a coke in years.

It was then she saw the figure watching her. Jade looked over and moved her hair out of her face. She knew her skin was horribly pale now and with the black eye she flashed a smile. The figure didn’t move. Jade watched hoping. She sat back down to munch on her meal. When she looked up the figure had pushed his hood back to reveal a boyish cut and a smooth face with accented cheekbones and bright blue eyes.

The figure wore black jeans and a chain on one side of his hip and the black hood. Jade watched him as he neared, smoking a cigarette. He seemed to be watching her too. Part of her wished she suddenly looked a little bit better, and had at least taken a shower. She felt something, some weird tug and ignored it as she washed down her Coke and sandwich.

“Name your price.” He said as he finally neared, walking behind her. Jade stiffened as she realized he thought she was a prostitute. “I saw you checking me out.”

“I was not!” Jade declared huffily. “I’m not a hooker.”

He scornfully gazed over her. “And I’m not a hunter.” He said with a laugh. “Do you want something more filling than that sh*t you’re eating or not? Consider it my good deed for the day.”

“Asking for a blow job in a bus station is considered a good deed?” Jade shot back at him.

She saw him grin. “If it looks like a duck it must be a duck.”

“Are you calling me a duck?”

“Would you rather me call you a prostitute?” he had his hands on the back of the seat she was on now and leaned forward. Jade could smell his aftershave. She found herself holding the empty sandwich box now.

“I’m neither of those things. I just...” She needed to be careful. He might be working for her captors. “I need to get home. I need to find my mother, I’m sure she’s worried about me.”

“I know who you are.” Said the young man. But as she turned to meet his gaze she saw softer features in all his hardness and her eyebrow corked a bit. He looked like a man but there was a soft look as well. “I’m here to take you home.”

“And so you want a blowjob first? Get your piece of the Segreti trash?” Jade asked as she rose. He backed off and she threw her trash away. From her pocket Jade pulled out the stolen cash. “I don’t need your help.”

His hand shot out to touch her neck yanking her close. Jade yipped. “Yes you do if you want that off of you.” he touched the silver belt around her. “You can’t even call for your brothers for help. I know who you are, Jade Alexandria.”

The girl felt a breath draw in and catch. “How do you know?” Their eyes met and a strange little chill raced through her. Jade was the first to break eye contact as he let go of her neck and she stumbled backwards a little. “How do you know who I am?”

“If you’ll trust me, I’ll tell you.” He turned to her fully. “I’m here to take you home to your mother.”


He was wanting to feed her but insisted they go to his place so she could shower. “You smell worse than I did when I had to go down into the sewers to retrieve my last hunt.” Julian Jayne Osbourne commented as he turned on the radio. “Where the hell were you last time? I had sights on you then a drug dealer bought you and I lost you.”

Feeling a little wounded from the fact she smelled, Jade stiffened. “I almost killed him. I had a chance to do it. I had his hunting knife and I started to plunge it into his back. But then I realized, if I did that I’d be like him. And...” She felt a tear slip out. “I’ve seen enough bad things happen to me that I didn’t want to loose what...me I have left. I’m sure you don’t understand this.” Jade was curled up against the door of Julian’s powder blue sports car, just in case he tried anything. She was ready to bolt. Every vibe in her was on edge but Julian made no move to touch her. When she glanced at him she saw a shimmer of pity in his eyes.

The fact her mother was alive was another thing. Why had she said to the world she was dead? Jade didn’t understand it but Alissa Violet Segreti didn’t do anything unless there was a reason. “Please don’t take me home yet.” Jade said to Julian. She couldn’t face her mother after what she’d been through. Her mother had a normal teenage daughter, and now she was...she was damaged goods.

“Where do you want me to take you?” Julian asked. “There’s a hotel I know.”

“If I pay you can I stay with you?” The words tumbled out before she could stop them. She didn’t want to be alone as she hadn’t been really alone for a long time. “Please? I’ll clean or something for you if you want.” Her hand shot out then in a nervy mood to touch Julian’s knee. She felt him stiffen. “What? Earlier you were offering me money to suck you off.” His hand slipped down to push hers off.

“That was my cover up. I knew it was you but I wanted to be sure.” Julian replied back.

She smirked. “And now you know it is you’d rather have a hooker do it hmm?”

“You don’t want to play this game with me.” Julian said curtly. “You can stay with me until you feel comfortable enough to go home. You don’t need to do anything other than clean up after yourself. Keep your money.”

From her pocket Jade pulled it out. She flipped a thumb over the crisp bills and let out a strange little laugh. It was brittle, sharp. She flung the money in the car so it almost blinded them both and couldn’t stop laughing. It caused Julian to swerve, cussing as he did so to stop and pull over. By then Jade had opened the passenger door and tumbled out, still laughing. She laugh on pavement, rolling and laughing.

Julian Osbourne didn’t know what to do as he had his hands full. He stood there, watching the scene and called the one person he could think of to help: Lucifer Morningstar.


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