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Wolf in the Fold PART ONE

Wolf in the Fold
Features Progenitor; Part ONE of FOUR
The Salvatore School was now his home away from home. Tyler Lockwood was on staff with the school as a Phys Ed teacher. He had a specialty however. The school had among its students; Witches, Vampires, a fairy and more importantly to Tyler, werewolves. Tyler himself had been born a werewolf without any knowledge of what he was to become. That day all those years ago when blood was spilled at his hand, his curse had been set free. The young man born to one of the most prominent families of Mystic Falls, had never known what it was to be a werewolf. Time and the effort that he’d put forward as a member of the Armory had ended up lending to his skills with the position that he now held within the school itself. Tyler Lockwood was charged with putting the werewolves through their paces at the school and making sure they stayed in shape. He was putting away the gear that he’d pulled out in the gym on this particular day when he was soon not alone.

Alaric Saltzman, headmaster of the school and former American History teacher for young Tyler Lockwood back in Mystic Falls High, entered the gym with a look of concern on his features. “You got a minute Ty?” The older man was bouncing on the balls of his feet a bit anxiously. Saltzman had something weighing heavily on his mind that he needed to discuss with his former student and current staff member. He took a step backward to have a seat on the bleachers.

Tyler was concerned by the tone that his mentor had taken. Alaric meant a lot to the kids that he grew up with including his former girlfriend Caroline Forbes. “Yeah of course, Ric.” He put away the equipment in his hand before joining the older male on the bleachers. “Is something wrong?” He could tell that Ric was worried about something. There was one particular line on his forehead that was a little deeper than the rest when he was worried about something.

Alaric’s salt and pepper beard was growing more silver with the advent of the stress that continued to wear upon him. “I need you to go on a recruitment trip for me. There is a kid that is hiding somewhere in between the cities of Riverdale and Greendale. I can’t get a lock on him. He’s a werewolf. SO, I thought that you would be the best person to try and find him.” There was more to the issue, but he was holding back from Tyler until he was sure that Lockwood would go on this trip for him.

“Sure, I’ll go find the kid.” Tyler remembered how when he first started as a werewolf. He had so many emotions that ran wild. Being a teenager on top of everything new to being a wolf meant that everything was amplified by 10. “This is just a typical recruitment run right?” Tyler arched an eyebrow. “Or is there one particular reason why you want me of all people to go after this kid?” The younger male was starting to grow in skepticism of his mentor’s motives. Oh he was still going to go. He just wanted the full story.

“Greendale is a town known for its high levels of witchcraft. I’ve actually known a family of hunters there for some time. The Kinkle Family has been the local hunters of record for several generations. They pretty much keep an eye on things in Greendale, but things have started to bleed over into Riverdale. This kid that I’m sending you after is from Riverdale, but he’s been in and out of Greendale. I got the call from my contact in Greendale about it today.” Alaric laid it all on the line to Tyler.

Tyler knew all about hunters because of Alaric and one of his best friends Jeremy Gilbert. He nodded at Alaric. “That’s fine. I can handle it.” Tyler pursed his lips into a wan smile with that mustache of his own straightening along his top lip. “I’ll leave tonight. Anything else you need?” He asked curiously.

Alaric was worried about Tyler. He had been through a lot lately. He knew that the younger male needed his space and to keep busy. His experience with Tyler and other wolves was that they were highly emotional creatures. They were passionate and dedicated men and women that tended to be highly loyal. When they felt betrayal it ran deep. “Keep in touch with me, alright? “ He stood up and straightened his jacket. “Let me know if you need anything. I’ll pack up the bus and join you if need be.”

Tyler shook his head and laughed. “Nah, I should be able to take care of everything on my own. I will be careful of course and I will keep in touch.” He started to walk by the older man. He patted Alaric on the shoulder. “Lighten up. What can go wrong?”

Three days later

It was a chilly night despite the calendar telling everyone it was late spring. Summer was coming but it surely didn’t feel like it. Two men with muscles were dragging another man in their arms bringing him through the darkness completely unconscious. They stepped when they came to a desk and a hispanic male sitting there. “So this is our problem?” The male said to the henchmen.

“Yes Mr. Lodge. We found him in the Grove poking around.” The men were still holding the unconscious form of the other male by his arms. They’d brought him to their employer, one Hiram Lodge.

Lodge stepped out from behind his desk and approached the unconscious man. He grabbed a handful of hair as dark as his own and pulled the man’s head upward. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asked in a loud voice. When the other male didn’t answer, Lodge smacked his face to wake him up rather rudely. “Again, I repeat. WHO ARE YOU?”

He was roused to consciousness rather rudely. “Tyler...Lockwood.” He muttered with his head down low. His muttering turned to a long growl. His fangs started to protrude. When his eyes opened, they were golden rather than the rich brown they once were.

Lodge jumped backward. “Madre de Dios, what are you?” He looked as though he’d seen a ghost.

“Your worst nightmare…”


Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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