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05/04/2021 05:19 PM 

Welcome Back to Hydra- SL Excerpt

*Aria worked quickly, breaking through the passcodes locking the system and downloading the info she needed. She felt a strange sensation wash over her, like some sort of haze trying to wear her down. She had a bad feeling but tried to fight through it. She was pulling the last of the files when she heard his voice indicate trouble.* “Ten more seconds.” *She said, opening the final file to download. Her heart sank. Staring back at her was an all too familiar, and all too dangerous symbol. Her gaze lifted a bit, concern clouding her face.* “No....” *She copied the file, the haze now becoming more pronounced. She yanked out the drive and shoved it in her pocket. She stepped back from the desk and stumbled a bit. That’s when it dawned on her. Sharp blue hues gazed over to a vent alongside the wall that fed to the ventilation system. Someone knew they were there... and they put something in the air.* “Bucky.... Hydra...” *Aria said softly, the two words all she could manage before leaning against a desk as a wave of weakness washed over her. Something was wrong. Very wrong.*


James kept his eyes on the corridor. The movement transformed into people, and by the looks of it they had been waiting for something like this to happen. His weapon was in his hand and aimed, though he didn’t fire. He would not be the one to start the fight, though he wouldn’t hesitate to end it. 

Then Aria said HYDRA and everything changed. His eyes widened and a flash of hot anger rushed through him. No chance would he let them take either of them back. Not if he could help it. One of them people took a step forward. James discharged the weapon in his hand. “How long?” he shouted back to Aria. The sooner they could get out of here the better. Shots were returned, but he kept them pinned back where they were for the time being.



*The haze around Aria continued to worsen as she heard bullets ring out between Bucky and whoever was on the other side of the door. She focused her thoughts and glanced around, trying to find a way out. Her gaze caught the window and she came up with a really bad idea.* "Bucky... The window..." *Aria responded weakly, turning to head towards it but feeling the sedative taking full effect. The young girls legs gave out beneath her and she struggled to stay conscious as she hit the ground. So much for that idea, as being 12 stories up, the plan would have only worked if she were conscious to break their fall with her abilites.*


The gas… His head felt heavier than it had in months. Like trying to see underwater. It was affecting his ability to process. Dimly, he knew that Aria could not be captured by these goons. Raising the gun once more, he aimed at the window instead. One shot, and it shattered. Immediately, the gas began to vent out, replaced with cool, clear air. A heavy hand grabbed his shoulder, a sharp scratch touched his neck. The world began to wobble. “Not you, you’re coming with us,” a voice said as the wobble turned to swimming. He thought he might vomit for a moment.

“What did you do?” he slurred. He barely recognised his voice as he spoke. He thought he heard gunshots. 

“All you have to do is say Sputnik.” The world turned black the moment the word was said. James immediately lapsed into unconsciousness, completely unaware of what happened next.


*Aria felt herself fighting whatever they had pumped into the ventilation system. Her mind struggled to stay conscious, but she was too weak to move. She heard glass exploding as Bucky shot out the window. The fresh air helped a bit with the haziness but the substance was already in her system, thus leaving her weak. She managed to prop herself up onto her elbow and caught sight of a man injecting Bucky with something before speaking to him. She watch Buckys eyes close and body give out beneath him.* 

“Bucky!” *Aria cried out, catching the mans attention.*

“She’s still awake!” *He said, before taking out a gun and pressing it against the head of the unconscious body of the Winter Solider.* “Don’t even think about it, or I will put a bullet in his brain.”

*Aria lie there, trying to focus, trying to fight the haze. Normally she could have killed the man in a second without even hesitating, but being drugged and compromised, she knew there was a risk she wouldn’t be fast enough. A defeated look ran across her face and she hung her head, still propped up against her elbow. Three men quickly approached her as she let her guard drop. One grabbed her arm roughly and yanked her upwards so another could place a familiar cold metal collar around her neck. Aria instinctively tried to struggle, only for her attempts to be met with a harsh painful blow to the head from one of the men’s guns. Everything went dark as the girls body fell limp. The man snapped on the collar and activated it, preventing her from using her abilities.*

-2 hours later-

*Weary eyes flickered, sharp blue hues attempting to peak out from behind heavy eye lids. Her head pounded with pain and she picked up a familiar damp smell that jolted her awake. She found herself back in that oh too familiar room, yet not quite the same. A different location likely as they would have moved after she escaped the first time. The chair was the same though, metal clasps trapping her wrists and ankles, and keeping her from too much movement. A man gazed at her and a smirk sounded as she awoke.*

“Welcome back my dear. It’s so nice to see you again.” *The doctor said, before glancing to a Solider by the door.* “Bring him in.” *He stated simply before turning back to the girl.* “You cause quite a mess when you left us. I’m sorry to say such actions cannot go unpunished. But first, I want you to understand who exactly is in charge here. You have always had this mindset that you can control your fate just as your friend Mr. Barnes does.”

*Aria tensed as he mentioned Buckys name, pulling at the restraints that she knew would not give way.* “What did you do to him...” *She replied, a angry growl accompanying her words.*

“Nothing yet. I wanted to make sure you were awake to witness him being returned to his true self.”

*Arias eyes widened, accompanied by another tug at the restraints. No... he had fought so hard, they both had, to put these demons behind them. Now they planned to bring back that part of him he feared most. The Winter Soldier. The doctor grabbed some tape from a roll on the table and placed it tightly over the girls mouth. HYDRA learned their lesson after Steve broke through to Bucky, and didn’t want to risk the girl doing the same, especially considering their bond. Aria felt defeated, helpless in stopping what was to come. Even worse, she knew as soon as Bucky was triggered, they would do the same to her. The chip in her head lying dormant and waiting for a simple switch to be flipped. With both Bucky and Aria at their command, HYDRA would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to stop.*


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