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05/04/2021 05:13 PM 

Compromised Pt. 2

Trigger Warnings
Torture, child abuse (16 years of age at this time), electrocution, minor assault, mental abuse/reconditioning.

3 Hours After Arrival at HYDRA

5 Hours Missing

*There was a strained urgency felt through the halls of SHIELD as a full alert had been issued in light of the girls disappearance. When the daughter of an Avenger and a high ranking SHIELD agent suddenly goes missing, the situation quickly becomes all hands on deck. Avaren paced anxiously in the command center waiting for information and Barton was out in the field leading a search team. The main focus was the area about two blocks from where she had last been spotted by a nearby security camera secured outside a bank. There were also secondary teams both at her home near the edge of town, as well as Xaviers School for Gifted Children. The teams were coming up empty and became frustrated, even Barton himself beginning to loose his cool. He had no idea where his daughter was, or worse, who may have been involved. Being not only a mutant, but a daughter of two very high profile people makes her a very high value target. Would there be a ransom? Demands? Would she be harmed or worse? Avaren and Clint tried not to let their thoughts stray to far to the dark thoughts, and attempted to focus on finding any clues to locating their daugher.


*Damp air tingled the edge of the young girls nose, the strong stench slowly stirring her from the unconscious state she was trapped in. Weak eyelids softly fluttered, though remained mostly closed as the rooms bright lights burned the sharp blue hues behind them. A slight movement of her arms quickly told her she was bound, and it appeared the same for her ankles. Her conscious mind began to fight the haze and become more aware of her surroundings. She couldn’t move, and determined that along with her wrists and ankles, there was a strap over her head as well, holding it in place. She finally managed to open her eyes and observe what she could with the limited amount of movement.*

*The room was large, and appeared to all concrete with no windows. Two lights overhead shone brightly and the surface she was strapped down was certainly the focus of the illumination. She could see a table nearby with some kind of tools on it but she couldn’t specifically tell what. She could feel something cold and hard wrapped around her neck, not as thick as a belt, but not as thin as a necklace. Her mind focused now on the restraints and attempted to remove them with her abilities, but it became clear they were not functioning. A sickening feeling churned in the young mutants body as she processed her predicament.*

*Aria tried to tug at the restraints but they were far too tight to even budge a little. A moment later two men walked into the room, and one smiled sinisterly as he saw she was awake.*

“Awe, Miss McCoy, a pleasure to finally meet you. I’ve heard so much from our mole at SHIELD. You are quite the special little mutant aren’t you?”

*Aria tugged instinctively at the restraints and a slight but brief look of fear crossed her face.*

“They will find me here. And it is going to end very badly for you.”

*The girl retorted with almost a growl. She hated feeling powerless, and this surely was anything but a escapable situation.*

“Nobody knows your here my dear, we are not even in New York State anymore. Now, let’s get started, we have a lot of work to do.”

*The man replied, before filling the syringe on the table with a blue liquid from a small vile. He walked towards her and she jerked again at the restraints before she felt the jab of the needle pierce through the soft skin of her neck. Aria cringed and moments later felt a burning sensation spreading from the injection site through her body. She closed her eyes tightly, her teeth clenching as she tried to fight through the pain. She felt her body begin to grow weak, though she could tell this was not a full sedative as she didn’t slip into the darkness again. Tears stung at the edges of her lids and she managed to open her eyes again to see the man motion to the second, who looked more of a soldier than a doctor like the one who spoke.*

“Move her to the chair.” *He said simply, watching as the soldier moved to unstrap the weakened mutant and move her to a metal chair nearby. She tried to pull away from him but he was far stronger. As he sat her in the chair, a nasty smirk crossed his face. He adjusted metal cuffs around her wrists before sliding his hands down her body, making sure to take his time as he passed more sensitive areas near the lower portion of her torso, and subsequently between her legs. Aria cringed and a tear slipped passed her eye lid and down her cheek. He fastened her ankles to the chair and stepped back. The doctor stepped over and stood in front of her.*

“We have a very special job for you my dear. HYDRA is in need of someone with just your special little talent. I would far prefer to make this easy and have your cooperation. Can I count on that?”

*HYDRA.... well that answered that question. An angry look burned in her blue eyes as she growled back a response.* “I will never work for HYDRA.” *As soon as the words escaped her mouth, a fiery pain of electricity shot through her body, delivered through the cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She tried not to scream, but the pain overtook the mind and one escaped anyways. The jolt stopped after a few seconds and she breathed heavily. The young girl weakly lifted her head, her gaze even angrier than before.*

“I will never be your weapon.”

*Another wave of pain shot through her body, followed by another scream. This continued on for an hour before her body was too weak to continue. They needed her alive so for now they would take a break. The soldier unstrapped her and took her towards a large metal cage on the other side of the room and roughly pushed her inside. A click of the lock echoed through the room before the man knelt down and smirked.*

“You won’t last the week you little brat. You will be ours soon enough."

*He sneered, as Aria struggled to lift her head at his words. The man stood and left, along with the doctor, and Arias body finally felt limp, the darkness washing over her as she finally lost consciousness from the ordeal.*


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