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A Brother's Bond

A Brother's Bond
1864 Mystic Falls

He held his bag in hand. All he'd ever known had been life here in this hellhole. A brief escape into a war that he felt was unjust and immoral had brought him an internal conflict that induced something within him he thought he'd buried. Damon Salvatore had been a dutiful brother to Stefan even when they were children. Their father was a bastard who had often had his way with the slaves and beat his own children. So when he left Stefan to go away to war, he felt completely guilty.

He kept stuffing clothes into his bag. His anger was boiling just below the surface. His mind began to recall everything he'd done for Stefan. He'd left his unit because he'd gotten a desperate letter from Stefan. He came home all because his brother was the most important person in his life. Nobody else mattered to him...until she showed up one day.

Her name was Katherine Pierce. She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Damon fell madly in love with her. Many nights love with this goddess without hesitation. She had the most incredible mahogany hues that seemed to look right through you when she locked her gaze with his. She was a vision and she was his, or so he thought. He slammed that last article of clothing into the bag and bound his shut. Elongated digits wrapped around the brass handle of the bag that was decorated with red and blue flowers. This was for the best. He had to do this. He had no other choice.

Katherine had a secret. She was a vampire that was well over three hundred years old. She told him of power and how it felt to have the upper hand against anyone who dared come against her. She was the perfect package to Damon. Beauty, power, strength in one petite package with this mesmerizing glory. Damon loved Katherine more than he loved his own life. He begged her and pleaded with her to turn him. The memory of that first willing taste of her blood was something that was eternally etched in his mind. She taught him how to hunt and she taught him how humans were their playthings. They were the kine and they were the hunters. Damon absorbed that with deliberate intent. Now he could finally take care of Stefan.

He marched out of the door with the bag in hand. At the bottom of the steps, he could hear the voice of his brother and there was yet another voice he didn’t recognize. There was something to be said about these new found senses since becoming a vampire. At least something worked out to his advantage. He stood there for a moment to view his brother with a blonde woman. He could tell that this woman was a vampire. Katherine had taught him a few things about other vampires.

Every time he looked at his brother, he could feel nothing but anger and fury. Katherine had betrayed him. His Katherine, had found her way into his little brother’s bed and gave him her blood. Emily Bennett tried to tell him that Katherine had forced Stefan to drink her blood, but Damon refused to believe it. She wouldn’t do that. She was perfect. Yet the truth was evident when he saw his brother here after having died at the hand of their father with the blood of Katherine Pierce in their bodies both Salvatore Brothers were now vampires.

Damon made his way toward Stefan with rugged resolve. “Goodbye Stefan. I will spend the rest of this miserable existence without the woman I love all because of YOU. YOU did this to me. I will spend the rest of my existence making your life full of misery and woe. I swear it.” Somewhere deep inside of him, that part that had wanted to protect his brother from all the bad things in the world was now looking at him with blood staining his own lips and made into a monster. Stefan shrugged his shoulders and waltzed into the room where his whores were waiting. Damon knew they’d be dead by nightfall.

Alexia, the vampire who stood there waiting for Damon had a look of concern in his eyes. “He needs you right now. You can’t just abandon him.” She was trying her best to try and stop this schism between brothers. “Damon please.”

The elder Salvatore shook his head. “It’s too late. Take care of him Alexia. Someone should.” With that, he’d walked out the door and into the sunshine. The lapis lazuli ring on his hand kept the sun from turning him into a pile of ash.

2018 Mystic Falls
Salvatore Crypt

The candlelight all filled the crypt. The name on the plate was that of his brother Stefan. Damon had outlived his brother as he always wore he would. Over one hundred and fifty years of back and forth with his brother proved only one thing. Damon’s vow of eternal misery and woe had done nothing but kept him away far too long. He’d tried to be apart from his brother, but that never worked. They always made their way back together again.

Here they were. Katherine Pierce that evil vampire slut as Damon was wont to call her, had come back to try and end everything they knew and loved. Stefan laid down his life to make sure that Damon and someone else very special could live. “Damon?” The soft voice of his brother’s widow Caroline Forbes had roused him out of his thoughts and contemplations. “Are you alright?”

Caroline Forbes had been an innocent girl that Damon had once toyed with upon his arrival to Mystic Falls abusing her and hurting her without any thought or consideration that she was someone special just below the surface. “Yeah, I’m okay Care.” He walked up to his sister in law and wrapped his arms around her protectively.

The young vampire who had actually been changed by that same Katherine Pierce who had taken Stefan from them was kind and loving. Damon didn’t deserve her forgiveness but she’d given it to him. For a moment of silence he held her near. He could feel the weight of wasted years bear down upon him. A silent tear formed in his eye.

“Damon, he loved you. Don’t let this hurt you. He wouldn’t want that for you.” Caroline was not even fifty years old and yet she had an incredible wisdom that Damon admired. “Be happy and never forget him.”

Damon’s crooked grin was softened by this moment with the only other person who hurt as much as he did right now. “Not in a million years.” He spoke softly squeezing her a little bit tighter.
“When people see good, they expect good.”
credit: james kriet


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