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05/03/2021 10:19 PM 

Reunions - ft [π™³πš˜πš›πš” π™Ίπš—πš’πšπš‘πš]

Response to [π™³πš˜πš›πš” π™Ίπš—πš’πšπš‘πš]
It had been a rather quiet night in Gotham so far.

The vigilante known as the Nightstalker had been on his own patrol route around the Burrows before moving on over to the other parts of the city. He knew a couple of others were around, and stayed out of their own territory unless backup was called for, and the Demon was more than fine with that unspoken rule at this point in time.
Ever since it was all over the comms that Stephanie was brought back to the land of the living, he hadn’t heard anything from her or the Bat family in general. Not that he was exactly in their good graces but he figured he’d at least hear something if there was news regarding the blonde. But alas, silence ensued and he figured that if there was something that they would need his help with, that they’d come knocking. Wouldn’t be the first time that Stephanie came back, though it had definitely been a couple of months that he had seen her. Considering her body was gone the moment he came back to the museum after the horror that was Manhattan.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, Payne responded to a scream that was heard in one of Gotham’s many alleyways. Of course someone would try to mug a woman for a purse filled with more junk than money. Teleporting and reappearing in front of the dude who had snatched his newest prize he felt the young man crashing into his chest. Crossing his arms he simply let his body do the talking. Gray armor paired with a fully covered helmet that was designed much like one of the many cowls of the Bat. He watched the young man shiver in fear as he dropped the purse and tried to run away. Only to crash back into the Demon again who simply shook his head once more.

“Really kid? Twice?" He watched how the kid's eyes widened in fear, and then quickly the smell of urine was caught. The kid pissed himself and it made the Demon understand that this wasn't an act done out of bad intention but pure desperation.
"Go to the GCPD and turn yourself in, before you make me come after you.”

He spoke, his voice robotic thanks to the modulator inside the helmet. And he then stepped aside to see the kid run in the direction of the police building right away. Nodding some he grabbed the purse and walked into the alleyway, seeing a woman in fear and crying against a wall. Turning off the modulator to not sound as frightening, the Demon dropped the purse at the woman’s feet before extending his hand to help her up.

“Streets like these might be a good shortcut, but they’re also filled with the vermin of the city. Best bet is to walk the main roads during these hours, especially when alone.” He inspected the woman through his lenses and didn’t notice any sort of wounds. She was just shaken up and that was a win in his book. Meant the kid was going to be walking free sooner rather than later with hopefully a turned leaf when it comes to the life of crime.
“If I were you I’d call a friend or a taxi for the ride home.”
He waited for a couple of seconds until the woman had made a phone call and then turned around to thank him. Teleporting out of the alleyway before she could’ve done so face to face. He still picked up on it, but he had heard sirens in the background as well.

Making his way across rooftops towards the crime scene that was soon called in over comms, he spotted her in her suit. Quickly taking a few steps back he waited on the rooftop in hopes that he would see her. And that hope was answered quickly as the blonde Bat appeared in front of him after grappling up on the roof as well.

"You've gotten sloppy, Hellboy. I could hear you down there."

He wanted to say something, but got cut off by her nodding her head to get away from the GCPD. He nodded along and followed her.
As they both arrived he shoved her slightly after taking off his helmet to look her dead in her eyes. The comment she had made wouldn't have had such an effect on him if he wasn't there the night she had died.

"The first thing you're gonna say is 'I've gotten sloppy'? F*** you."

He growled soft, but once he didn’t hear her laugh or come up with a quippy remark, but sitting down instead. He studied her for a moment. Something was off, and this wasn’t Steph in the way that he knew the woman that he had called family. Watching her stare he listened to her as she mentioned she also made a joke towards her boyfriend.
Nodding soft he sat down next to her and looked at the red and blue lights together with her.

"I knew you'd come back, you know. You're too stubborn to stay dead."
He spoke softly, with a hint of happiness in his voice. He wasn’t afraid to show that he was actually quite relieved to see her back. Even though he still had plenty of questions he’d want to ask.

How, why, and why is she in her suit? She should be resting and figuring things out for herself. But then again, it was Steph that they were talking about. Stubborn little sh*t could give himself a run for his money in terms of not listening and just doing whatever.

He saw that something was off. They knew each other long enough to tell if either of them were going through something. He watched her and let out a soft sigh before he spoke softly.
"Ok, is this about what's going on over there? I heard the call in. Trying to work out how to cover up for your boyfriend or something?"
And he watched her shake her head in response.

“It wasn’t Chomps…” she almost whispered.

“I think it was me…”

Hearing the fear in her voice, the Demon wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her in for a small but firm hug. He knew she wasn’t one for touch but at the moment he didn’t really care. His surrogate sister needed him and she could jump high or low, he wasn’t going to ignore that little fact.

“We’ll figure it out… For now, I’m just happy you’re there, and know that I got your back no matter what, Blondie.”


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