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A New Generation

1x1 with Time Capsule
A New Generation
WindWalker; /1699344
There was something about the air coming in off the ocean that seemed in invigorate Sam Wilson. He’d been caught up in a whirlwind of cameras and general excitement ever since New York. Granted it had been only a few days, but Sam’s face was plastered all over everything every time he opened his phone. He had gotten to the point that he put it on silent rather than let the ringing and the notifications go off all the time. All he wanted was a little bit of peace and quiet.

He remembered those days with Steve where he’d go off by himself, sit on a stump and pull out his sketchbook. They spent two years on the run while Bucky was on ice in Wakanda. He’d seen Steve’s skilled hand create some of the most beautiful images imaginable. There was also a hidden darkness involved in some of those pictures. Sam could see it. He’d been a counselor for vets in DC when he and Steve had first met. He could only imagine the things that Steve had seen when he closed his eyes. Sam had his own demons. Anyone who had been in combat did. The images from World War II that Steve conveyed to paper made Sam understand him a lot better. Every once in a while, Steve had that far off look in his eye that Sam had seen with only one other man, his own grandfather.

Raymond Arthur Wilson stayed in a Retirement Community in Baton Rouge which wasn’t that far of a drive from where he was right now. He climbed on board the boat that bore the names of his parents and walked alone silently into the cabin. His thoughts drifted to his granddad out there in Baton Rouge for a moment. He was one of the younger members of the squad and a private in the Army Air Corps. It wasn’t until 1946 that the USAAAC would become the USAF. Roughly fifty years later a fresh faced Samuel Thomas Wilson would sign his name on the dotted line to join their ranks. Ray was a member of that elite group called The Tuskegee Airmen. The Tuskegee Airmen had the highest ratings out of all the other squads who fought in the war. His Grandpa saw a very different world than Steve Rogers had, but the signs of war and the effects it had on both men were different. Every man handled war differently. Every man had their own reaction to nightmares that would never go away even when they closed their eyes.

The third member of this group was one James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky’s experience in the war was closer to Steve’s although his war didn’t end until recently. That far off look in Bucky’s eyes would make a cold chill race down Sam’s spine. One thing Sam learned back in DC was never to push a vet when that look came across their faces. He had seen something entirely different with Bucky.

For over 70 years, Bucky was used as an assassin by HYDRA. Steve had told him much of what had happened to Bucky right after they left him in Wakanda. T’Challa and Shuri were convinced they could repair the damage caused by nearly a century’s worth of brainwashing. Those damned trigger words had to be deprogrammed out of his head. The nimrods under the control of Thaddeus Ross had no ever lovin’ clue how to handle anything on par with The Winter Soldier. T’Challa was the only one who could. PLUS the fact that they were on the run now because of what had happened with what happened with the whole issue of signing the Accords. Sam didn’t relish the idea of being back at the Raft again any time soon.

Since the whole battle with Thanos and his goons, Sam had gotten to know Bucky better. He could see what Steve saw in Bucky and he clung to it. Steve’s decision to stay somewhere in the past and live out his life had made an impact on more than one person. Bucky and Sam had a bond in that man who saw the best in both of them. He had Steve Rogers to thank for Bucky Barnes in his life, pain in the ass that he was. Sam’s lips rose slightly into a smile at the thought of Bucky Barnes. Barnes had not been one of his favorite people when they first met, but now they were practically inseparable. Bucky was still around. He’d actually slept on Sam’s couch the night before, so he knew that the old Super Soldier was still around.

When Sam woke up Bucky wasn’t there. He had no idea where he’d gone, but he knew Bucky well enough to know he’d not just disappear without saying something to him. Before he headed to the boat, he’d texted Bucky about meeting him there. Sam had gotten a message from Torres despite having his phone on silent. Captain America had a mission and he wasn’t going to do it alone. He couldn’t do it alone. It was in a way Bucky’s mea culpa helping out Sam and putting a stop to the Flag Smashers to start with this time. There was more. There was always more.

Sam looked out over the water with his hands in his pockets. The sun was warm and the cleansing breeze reminded him that summer was rapidly approaching. He inhaled sharply and let it out slowly. The initial hoopla was finally over when he came back to New Orleans after having saved the GRC with his brand spankin’ new Captain America Wings. Parties were over and life was getting back to normal for the Wilson family. Captain America’s job was only just beginning. Team America had gotten a new face. The world was calling for help once more. New heroes had arisen to answer the call. The world was hurting and the new Captain America was going to do his damndest to help it heal.
credit: james kriet


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