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Devious Bloodmage

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May 15th, 2021

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Gender: Male

Age: 35
Country: United States

Signup Date:
January 30, 2013


05/03/2021 11:53 PM 

Another NSFW Questionnaire
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  accomplished

—   Another NSFW Questionnaire

Tie me, Bite me: Name a Kink.
I’ll take both! Tying and biting; I’m not shy about it either.

That’s Naughty: Name something that you would want to try in bed, but won’t.
I pretty much do anything I want if and when the notion comes to me. It can vary depending upon the partner involved, but I do tend to adapt, to an extent.

That’s Nice: Name something that you want to try in bed and will.
Did you have something in mind? As I said; pretty much anything…

Self Torture: What do you like to masturbate to?
Well, this is going to sound a bit …different…probably, but I cannot really achieve that grand release on my own. You know, that final note to the symphony. Aye, sadly true. You could say I have been broken to a point where I find no enjoyment from the act other than driving myself into a fever…and only the fever… So, that initial action is a waste of time to me. But to ask me what I fancy; well, that covers just about any woman with breasts, a tight snatch and knows how to talk.

Wine and Dine: Is it important to have a nice prelude before having relations?
Not necessarily; although it is tantalizing to flirt a bit. Plus, that gives me the opportunity to show off and to sometimes discover just how far I can take things. In short; not important but I don’t mind it.

Sweet Kisses: Are you a good kisser?
Of course I am! I am the best at everything I do. Just ask around!

Tasty: Chocolate? Whipped cream? Do you use food with sex?
Aye. …Aye; that too! It really depends on what is available most of the time, though. For instance, I’m not going to have a perfectly wet lass waiting on her ass while I insist to rush off to the larder or drink cabinet to cover her in some yet unknown treat. That is just asking for a certain someone to rethink the idea entirely. My main sail doesn’t have the time for indecisiveness. Once the wind catches, it is up for the voyage, as they say.

Two’s a crowd and three’s a party!: Have you ever participated in a threesome? Any more than three? Would you be interested in inviting more people?
Oh, aye, mate. More than three before; definitely, and the more the merrier! Think of who you’re interviewing here! That’s like asking to choose between having one cookie and a whole batch! I’m never one to turn down a cookie…

Swinger: Ever traded partners before?
I’m not one really willing to simply share and let go of someone just to give them to someone else. However, I have stolen a few women from other men. I tend to be greedy like that… But then, if there is a ‘relationship’ involved between myself and some lass – and by some miraculous reason that she would rather be with another person – I am not one to stop her from doing whatever she wants.

Blowjob: Swallow or Spit? What do you prefer?
Um… No? How about No. I can easily state that I have never ‘licked a lamp post’ and I have no reason or wish to do so in the future. Just not my forte, mate.
But if you are asking on which I prefer done to me, that answer is just as simple. I have no preference. Really I don’t. Just so long as its done...

p0rn Collection: Do you watch p0rn? Do you make your own p0rn?
I am a huge fan of voyeurism and performing! There is a sense of power to me in that. So, I have no complaints with either one. Though, as for having a secret stash of sorts – with my line of usual habits, there really is no need.

Vibrator: Use any toys? Have a favorite?
I use whatever my partner feels comfortable with experiencing, if she’s into that sort of thing. I get the most of my enjoyment from her reaction depending upon the mood that it is being set. But there is a favorite, I confess, that involves a whip – and I can have that used on me or to use on her. Again, this all depends on what is currently going on and I have a natural habit of following my instincts.

Tempo: Sweet and slow or hard and fast?
Yes! This is also varied... I truly am not picky just so long as I am not to be teased for too long. For the most part, it can depend on what my partner wishes.

Secret Lover: Describe someone you lust after. No names!
Since I see lust differently from love, I can confidently say that I have no specific preference to that also. The world is my buffet!

Washing Machine: Ever do it in a weird place before?
What place would you consider to be weird? I had stated once before in one of these that I could get it up in just about anywhere. Inside, outside, uptown, downtown and all around. Name a spot; I’ve probably stained my name there in one form or the other.

Sheets: Are silk sheets sexy?
This is where I get a little picky. I tend to f*** … a lot… and that leads to the term ‘soaked sheets.’ Therefore, you would understand that wet silk is an unpleasant feeling for me! It sticks to the skin, traps in too much heat during f***ing and then traps in too much cold when everything is done. If I had the choice, I would use thinly woven cotton and towels…depending on what is being introduced for the evening…or morning…or mid-day….Whatever the time is…

When it comes to foreplay, I’m not a huge fan of being teased with silk either—although I still will remain responsive. Chances are, I probably will ‘always’ remain responsive… Because of my unique upbringing, I prefer leather. I prefer metal and restraints.

Now, a woman can wear silk and that’s fine. Most likely, I would rip it off eventually anyway. No--I do not care about how much money was spent on it so do not wag that finger at me! One way or the other, lass, that silk is coming off.

Thong Song: Do you like sexy lingerie?
On women? Hell yes! On me? Hell no… With the way those things are made, they'd be riding up something fierce! Don’t picture me in it either, you perv…

Flavor: What’s your orientation?
Well, this was certainly out of order… Get ready for the shocker, because I am straight as a compass needle pointing North! There is no lean from that whatsoever. Does this make me homophobic? Doubtful. Maybe? I don’t know. I just happen to know what I like …and I like titties with no extra packages. Honestly, I would not even know what to do with such a surprise if I was presented with one anyway and that would just bring disappointment for the both of us. …And, no, that is not an invitation—just an explanation.

Turn On: Name a turn on.
Bondage, voyeurism, S&M, masochists, Satanists, rope, whips, biting, cutting, whipping, food, being a switch, using a switch, having a switch involved as a threeway, fourway, fiveway—number of ways, spitroasts, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, hair pulling, filthy talk, rough sex, soft sex, fast sex, slow sex, tame sex, experimental se----

Oh. You said name one… Well, take your pick!

Turn Off: Name a turn off.
Younger age gaps. I don’t mind if the woman is older than me for that just means she knows more of what she is doing. However, any lass five years younger than me, or below the legal limit, may as well remain at home. Stay off the streets, you whippersnappers!

Frequency: How many times do you have relations in a week?
This varies too. It really depends on what location I am in and whether or not I am in the middle of a mission. When being single, I could always stop at a brothel for a quick wank, but if I am stuck on a ship and out at sea then a dry-spell naturally occurs…
I hate dry-spells.

Heart and Soul: Is love important when you have sex?
I think you’d know my answer to that by now.

Good Morning: Do you partake in morning sex?
Is this an invitation? …Most of the time and if I have the time. Then again, if I end up in a bed that belongs to the wife of some Duke, I probably would already be out the window in my small clothes.

French Maid: Do you roleplay in bed?
It happens sometimes… I often mention that I am into bondage and restraints.

Mood: How do you create the mood? Favorite atmosphere?
I have no specific favorites in this. As I said, my greatest enjoyment is the reaction in my partner. I am an entertainer; a performer of sorts. I need the attention, whether this comes from one single person or a whole stage of people. The setting and mood are less important than achieving the act and reaching that final note.

Takeout: Do you and your partner “eat out” often?
Do you mean from each other or with others, …or do you mean just having sex in a public place?
When being with a partner, I can confidently say that she may have to keep me back with a blunt weapon. Its not an expectancy as much to receive this obsessive tenacity in return. I just happen to enjoy sex a great deal. What’s not to enjoy about it, really? But if I am in a relationship and that relationship demands that I remain a monogamist…
I mean, let’s face it—with my kind of personality and history that is like demanding the Tevinter Imperium to surrender all political control over to the
White Spire!
…Or to ask a bloodmage to become an Andrastian Chanter…

Point is: I would want that outlet of sex. I would ‘need’ that outlet of sex. Sex is important to me. If I can’t have it, I turn to drinking and if it’s very heavy drinking, then it’s the only time that I do not like myself. So, sufficed to say, I would not be able to keep my hands off the woman long enough for us to remain out in public or with others that very long either… Unless, she is into that as much as I would be.

Trouser Snake: Does size matter? Is it big?
I knew this was coming eventually. Would you truly care to measure? I’m told different things but all are compliments...

Meow: Shaved or natural?
I’m fine with either just so long as its mostly clean. Don’t turn your judging eye on me to that either! I am pretty certain that plenty of women don’t want to be in contact of a funky sack…
Although, I will say that I do appreciate certain tastes. I also appreciate any artistry in any detailed shaved ones and/or piercings. But not one is truly more beautiful to me than the other – because all mature women are beautiful to me.

Gossip: Do you sleep and tell?
Of course I do! I am proud of most of my experiences... Which tale would you like to hear?

First Time: Who was your first time with?
My first time. Of course… I am assuming that you mean, my first full experience and not the first blowjob I received…or something along those lines. Those tend to be different stories.
My first time was with a dark haired Rivainian. She was a pirate captain and she took to sailing long before I had even set foot on a boat. In fact, she introduced me to the salty sea spray and the wind to my sails. It was all a devilish seduction, mind you – because I grew to understand sailing better in my later years and I learned that I do not truly favor it as much as I thought I would. What I ultimately enjoyed from it was freedom and that was what she offered me.

A freedom away from obligations and restrictions.

Unfortunately, there is not much to really say on this one. She was more experienced and she saw sex as something to be liberating and celebrated. At the time, I was much of a greenhorn and I was trained into having a completely opposite view of hers. For me, sex was to be used as a tool and it was meant to be controlled for a specific purpose.
I tried to be stern with her but she was a wild flirt and difficult for a shy lad to handle. Where I had only the ‘reach’ she toppled me with ‘flexibility’ and she had the confidence to wear me down. When I became smitten she became distant. It was a growing experience.

Keep it down!: Are you loud when you make love?
Not really. I probably talk more if I’m really into it but I wouldn’t be hollering to the heavens. That has a bit to do with my training, actually. I used to have been whipped when I was ‘too loud,’ and that in turn increased my pain tolerance as well. So, I was sort of …taught… to remain a certain volume.
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all


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