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05/03/2021 10:43 PM 

interview gone wrong.

Sitting down in the chair, a grey curtain hanging behind her, Stevie would let out a small sigh while her chocolate orbs would scan the room waiting for the interviewer to come in and take her spot off-screen. This interview had been scheduled for about a week now, but due to the bullsh*t TMZ dropped earlier today about her eventful evening last night, Stevie was hoping what this interview was supposed to be about was going to stay what it was supposed to be about.

"Miss Nicks, it's an honor to meet you" Stevie's eyes shifted to a young woman, her standing up while extending her right arm for a handshake. "My mother was Miss Nicks, please call me Stevie" the blonde spoke softly with a reassuring smile before sitting back down in the chair. "Well, Stevie it's an honor to meet you, I grew up on your music. My name is Justine and I'll be conducting your interview today" Placing her hands in her lap while she let Justine get situated, the cameras turned on and suddenly she had to kick out of Stephanie Buckingham and go right to Stevie Nicks, Stevie felt the makeup artist come out of nowhere with final touches to her makeup before Justine cued the cameras to start rolling. With a soft smile on her features, Justine introduced herself before quickly letting the camera pan away from her and turn around towards Stevie. "And today I have the honor and privilege to interview one of the greats in the music business. one that many call the 'Goddess of Rock and Roll', the only two-time female Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and Phoenix's own --- the legendary Stevie Nicks!" the camera turned towards Stevie as the frontwoman had a soft smile on her face. "Well, that's a hell of an introduction if I do say so myself" Stevie would let her orbs focus on the interviewer before taking a deep breath - suddenly she had a bad feeling about all of this.

"Let's start with the amazing concert you had last week in downtown Phoenix, for a woman who hasn't been on a stage like that since Fleetwood Mac concluded their last tour in 2019, and someone who no one heard from most of 2020, you hadn't missed a step! Tell me what it was like being out there on stage and how you went about picking your songs for this show?" Okay, so far so good as Stevie slowly started to let her body relax so she could actually enjoy doing this interview. "It all happened so quick, Violet from Young Burning Dolls put out a social media post about doing a tour and she was looking for acts to be a part of a show or two, and by this point, I hadn't done anything really musically since Mac's tour in 2019. I've thought about recording and things, but with everything going on in the world and being stuck at home my hands were almost tied. After all, I'll be 73 in a couple of weeks and if I dare catch anything that's serious enough to damage my breathing or vocal cords I'm done and I'm not ready to walk away from my music. So, after talking to my husband about it ---" "Lindsey Buckingham, correct? The same Lindsey Buckingham that you aided in getting fired from Fleetwood Mac a few years ago?" There it is, the first ball that proved Justine was just as cutthroat as most journalist and proved Stevie was going to have quite an interesting time. " --  yes, that Lindsey Buckingham, seems like you've done your research, but let me assure you one thing before I go any further - there's more than meets the eye when it comes to Lindsey's firing from my band a few years ago. Furthermore, if there were even one issue do you think we'd all be doing a show together in a few weeks in Baltimore? No? Didn't think so, let's get back on topic shall we?" Quickly clearing her throat, Stevie would go back to talking like she didn't just have to shut Justine down about asking her about Lindsey. "after talking to my husband about it, I decided to just do it. I contacted Violet myself and I signed up for the Phoenix show because Lindsey and I had just moved back and the rest is history. As far as my song choice? 'Edge of Seventeen' and Stand Back' were obvious, they're two of my most famous songs, 'Landslide' was my selfish need because I wanted to share the stage with Lindsey again and we've done that song together a million times. 'Rooms on Fire' is my youngest daughter's favorite song and she begged me to do it. The last couple was just songs I hadn't done in a while" Feeling her index and thumb start playing with the diamond on her wedding ring, her trying to avoid having her leg shake due to her anxiety, Stevie started getting a worse feeling in her stomach as Justine spoke. "We have some fans who claim they were within the first few rows of your show and claim they saw you crying on stage during 'Goodbye Baby' do you care to elaborate or shut down their remarks?" And there it was - and Stevie was pissed.

"Can you cut the camera for me for a moment?" a soft smile rested on her face until the cameraman commented it was cut off as Stevie felt the smile fade from her lips. Getting out of the chair, she walked the small gap between her and Justine before she bent down slightly. "I will say this one time and one time only, don't question me about my songs and don't question me about my children unless it's music business-related. I even said at the show people can take Goodbye Baby for what it comes across and if and when I am ready to share the story behind the song I will. This is your only f***ing warning, do you understand me?" Backing up until the bend of her knees gently grazed the chair, Stevie would sit down and nod at the cameraman to turn the camera back on. While he did his countdown, Stevie moved her neck in a clockwise motion before forcing a smile on her face while the camera turned back on.

"Recently you and your stepson, country star Will Buckingham, have posted pictures on Instagram in the studio and credited each other for the photographs. Are you working on new music with him?" There, that was better and more up Stevie's alley while a soft giggle escaped her lips. "Well, as it just got public that I'm working with Maroon 5 on a song for their new album, Will just dropped his new album and he called me for some help due to his father being busy with my brother. I went to the studio for him as a supportive parent, something his biological mother knows nothing about, and he met me at the studio just because he was in town. I didn't know a mother and son posting on Instagram would turn into everyone wondering if I'm putting out new music. Although, the year is young and I do have a ten year gap between "In Your Dreams"" Stevie would let her right shoulder raise and lower back into a relaxing stance. The reality about why she and Will were together will come out in due time and until then she was keeping it close to her chest. With the smile on her face, Stevie started feeling that uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach like she had a few minutes earlier when she was asked about Goodbye Baby. Leaning up slightly to grab a bottle of water that was sitting on a table off camera, Stevie would take a sip before sitting it down and leaning back. "It seems like you have a close relationship with Lindsey's children, it's been documented countless times about how you've been involved with them their entire lives. Is that why, when you went to the nightclub last night, you made sure they didn't catch LeeLee on camera even after they stopped serving you at the bar because you were so drunk you couldn't stand straight without your stepdaughter's support?" 

There it was, and it's been quite a long time since Stevie has wanted to lay out someone as much as she wants to this interviewer. She was done.

Standing up, Stevie would reach around and grab the small box that was clipped to the back of her pants before pulling it off and bringing it around her body. Taking her free hand, she'd grab the small microphone that was clipped to her shirt and walked over to Justine, and dropped it on her lap. "I told you that you were on a thin line, and you bringing up my daughter without any reason to crossed it. This interview is done" Before anyone, including Justine, could stop Stevie the blonde would storm past the camera to a small table. Grabbing her purse and keys, Stevie slid her purse over her right shoulder before she stormed out of the room and eventually off the sound stage.'

Walking through the door as the crisp spring air slammed into her face, Stevie would let out a heavy sigh before letting her head fall back so her brown orbs to look up at the cloudy skies above her. "Every year it seems like it gets harder and harder the closer it gets to your birthday, and this year it seems impossible to breathe"


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