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drabble | Sarah

Nightmares. So many nightmares of screaming in the dark warehouse.

When Kennedy was not but 16 years old, she had experienced one of the most traumatizing situations she had ever encountered. She had been taken and held captive in a cold and wet warehouse where she was kept in a cage for over a month before she was finally rescued by the FBI. The screaming were of the mans other victims as he stole their innocence and took their lives. Kennedy tried so hard to put that part of her life behind her but all she heard was pain. She tried so hard to keep herself level headed because of the fear of being imprisoned once again so she took a deep breath to clear her mind and calm her nerves. Trying to force a calmness to take over her didn't seem to work so Kennedy sat up and reached for her medication and her water that sat on the table next to her. Once she took her pills, she ran her hands through her hair and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of her fingers along her scalp. Catching her lower lip with her teeth, she bit her lip as she opened her eyes to her dark bedroom.

Since sleep didn't seem to be in the cards for her so she rose to her feet and made her way to her desk to check her blog. She blogged a lot about her mental health and ways to cope through lifes curveballs but one thing that she blogged about more than anything was the inevitable introduction of herself to her half sister, her father's first child, who didn't even know she existed. Kennedy had known about Sarah since day one but befor her mom had disappeared she always told the twins that the right time hadn't come for their lives to cross paths, but now it was time. Though the city made it difficult to find people, she knew exactly where her sister was but her nerves always got the best of her so she prolonged the meeting, as if life wasn't already short enough.

A few days passed and Kennedy sat on one of the chairs in her cafe, reading a book. Hearing the bell from her cafe door ring, she instantly looked up to her potential customer. Before her was Sarah, the beautiful brunette that was the only family she seemed to have left since the only thing she saw of her father was a check every month to attempt to stay in her good graces. She put her book down and walked behind the counter offering the woman a soft smile. "Welcome to Witch's Brew, what can I brew up for you?" Scoffing at her own cheesy greeting, she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Hi! Umm, Can I just get a white mocha with an extra shot of espresso please?" Sarah asked while reaching into her purse to pull out some cash but Kennedy took this moment to finally unravel the truth.

"It's on the house. Let me go ahead and take care of your coffee and I'll meet you over at the table in the corner." Kennedy took a deep breath and Sarah awkwardly nodded her head a bit confused as she watched the owner make her coffee.

After Kennedy was finished, she brought her coffee over and sat down across the from the brunette and nibbled on her lip nervously before killing the silence.

"Okay, I'm just going to say it...We're sisters...30 years ago your father left your mom to be with mine and had me.." Kennedy still couldn't tell people about her twin, it was too heartbreaking to mention. She looked down as she spoke but when she finished she looked up to a disturbed wide eyed woman. Should she have kept it to herself? Would it have been better that way?


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