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tbt: why she hates her birthday

A birthday arrived. Not just any birthday, but Kennedy's 14th birthday. To her, it was a big day; she was officially a teenager. Highschool bound and ready to take on the world. Or so she wanted to be; her mother, a beautiful woman. She had the body of a runway goddess, the thickest Italian hair, and the softest skin that left you craving for her touch. Generally, a happy-go-lucky person that had now been torn apart and beaten; her heart had worn out. Kennedy waking up, excited for her special day, ran into her parent's room. There, her father was in the blackest of suits. His expression was blank as he stared into the mirror, tightening his tie.

"Here, Daddy, let me help!" She walked swiftly over to her father and pushed the knot closer to the collar of his white button-up.

As she stood there, fixing her father's suit jacket, she heard a subtle sniffle. She looked over to see her mother in her favorite dress but curled into a ball in the middle of the bed. Confusion ran over the young girl.

"Momma, what's wrong?" She asked, but her father took young Kennedy by the hand and shook his head.

"Go get your best dress on, my love. Your sister is waiting." A cloud of darkness waved over the teen.

Her twin sister, Olivia, was the most loving sibling a person could ask for and was diagnosed with a mass in her brain. The only way to fix the problem would more than likely cause paralysis, and the family opted out of that option. Olivia refused to live the life of an useless vegetable. For two whole years the poor girl lived with the painful tumor within her head. Not understanding the severity of her sister's illness, Kennedy was excited to visit Olivia. Though watching her sister die slowly in front of her was still painful. The tumor was on the part of her brain where her memories were stored. At times, Olivia's memory would go back to when they were young kids, breaking Kennedy's heart because she knew what she was seeing was the past. Olivia had no recollection of the life going on around her at times, so Kennedy would take it upon herself and play along. It was painful, but the presence of her best friend is all Kennedy ever wanted.

Once Kennedy finished getting dressed, she flattened out her dress and walked into the entry hall where her father was helping her mother to put on her jacket. Her mother came to her, throwing a scarf around her daughter's neck, and planted a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Happy birthday, my sweet girl." She said as she held back tears but her voice was still soft and loving.

There was something they knew but weren't telling her; Her heart began to murmur. Taking one step out of the open door that her father happened to prop open for the ladies, a chill ran through her. It wasn't the weather, no. It was the atmosphere; It was cold, dark, and eerie. A long ride to the hospital took place before the dreaded but exciting arrival. It had been almost a week since Kennedy had seen her sister, and not by choice. School had gotten in the way of her hospital attendance.

The halls of the hospital felt different; everyone's faces seemingly droopy, leaving Kennedy anxious. Without checking in, Kennedy raced to the room where her sister was. When she arrived, there she was; pale. God, she was pale. Dark circles surrounded her once beautiful and smiling blue eyes. They did their best to brighten at the sight of her other half.

"Olivia!" She whispered, knowing full well her sister had migraines almost daily that were impossible to reach with medicines.

Olivia struggled to pull up her lips to form a smile. Tapping the small amount of room on the side of her cot, Kennedy nodded and sat beside her. She took her sister's hand, her eyes dropping to look at them.

"You're cold! Let me get you another blanket." As her muscles prepared themselves for the lift off the bed, Olivia used whatever strength she had to squeeze her sister's hand and shook her head.

"No, Ken, listen." Lifting her free hand, she tucked Kennedy's hair behind her ear and sniffled.

"Please, take care of mom; she's a wreck. I'm ready to go, I don't want to fight anymore it's too hard. I love you with everything in me. Please take care of our parents, they're going to blame each other once I go." Her words were slow, sometimes in a slight slur but, no matter how hard she tried, Kennedy couldn't wrap her head around what was happening. Her sister knew her time was coming to an end. Olivia was deteriorating in front of her eyes, something she couldn't understand.

Right as the redhead was about to speak, her parents arrived in the room with a nurse that placed a band around Kennedy's arm so that no one would question her whereabouts. Kennedy moved to the side, still holding onto Olivia's cold hand so that her parents could love on her just a little more. A few hours went by, struggled conversations commenced; A few laughs, a few tears, and one last crazy cartoon. By the end of their time together, Kennedy had made her way to the other side of her sister. This time, laying down with her and holding her. She wouldn't let go. Her body refused the release of the soul that was already ready to move on. Olivia took one last look at her sister, using the rest of her strength to muster up a smile. Kennedy felt like she knew that smile and shook her head in a panic.

"Olivia, no...please..." Pleading in a whisper.

For the first time in two years, tears flooded from Olivia's concaved sockets. Holding her sister tighter, Olivia took her last breath, her eyes still on Kennedy. Breaking the dreaded silence was the sound of her flatlining, her body falling limp in Kennedy's arms. Doctors and nurses came rushing in; no sounds were made or, so it seemed. All she heard was the elongated sharp tone that told her that her life was now going to crumble from underneath her. The hospital personnel tried to move Kennedy from the bed but Kennedy just screamed and begged them to leave her be. The doctors pulled her away, trying fight them off but the pain was too much to bare. Her body faltered in their grasp, bring her to her knees.

"OLIVIA! NO! WHAT ABOUT ME? I'M NOT READY! DON'T LEAVE ME!" She looked over to her mother with pleading eyes, but her mother looked away, burying her face in the chest of her husband.

Trying to revive Olivia, they failed, placing the white blanket over her face and calling her time of death. Refusing to let her sister go, Kennedy took the blanket off her sister's cold, pale face and kissed her forehead, letting a tear drop onto her sister's still skin.

"Until later, darling." When she spoke, her words were broken and shattered. Half of her was now gone as she laid there, motionless. Kennedy climbed back into the bed and held her sister for what seemed like hours before they had to take her away. Kennedy sat on the cold linoleum floor, her mind distorted, her eyes puffy; her life may have ended along with her sisters.

"I love you..." She muttered, looking up for a moment before she laid on the floor and curled into a small ball in the middle of the bedless hospital room.


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