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「✰ brett - timeline.」

November 2006:
Libby meets Brett in her freshman year at UCLA while at a party at a frat house. This kind of thing is not usually her scene, but she's dragged there by another girl in her dorm. Brett is handsome and charming and he wins her over almost instantly. Two years older than her, Brett is studying to become a lawyer, like his father, planning to take over the firm for him one day. The two soon begin dating just a few weeks after meeting.

December 2006:
Libby is introduced to Brett's mother and father at their annual holiday party. She is surprised to find that Brett comes from a very rich, very prominent family. It intimidates her a bit, but Brett assures her that his parents adore her already. It seems a little soon for her to be meeting his parents, but she is head over heels for him, so she's alright with it.

June 2007:
Libby and Brett grow closer, she starts to see a future with him. It isn't exactly the future she hoped for or the one she wants, another owns her heart, but as there is no hope of a future with that person, she decides Brett is a viable second option.

Brett is good to her. He takes care of her, he showers her with compliments and lavish gifts (this makes her feel a little uncomfortable, but he insists on 'spoiling her'.)

November, 2009:
Rachel Haynes dies tragically in a car accident. Brett is by Libby's side every step of the way. She feels that he is good for her, taking care of her, there when she needs him. He helps her take care of and watch over her father. When Greg begins drinking, it's Brett that convinces Michael to take Dylan away from his son. "It's for Dylan's own good," Brett insists. Brett's charm works just as well on Libby's grandfather as it does on her.

March - December, 2010:
Libby moves in with Brett. He convinces her that it would be good for her, for her to be closer to him, so he can take care of her. She decides he's right, and despite the protests of the rest of her family (who despise Brett), the couple starts living together.

Living with him is great at first; he is attentive, he's sweet, he's romantic, but things start taking a turn for the worse. She sees another side of him, one she wasn't aware he had.

There are mood swings; one minute he's the Brett she fell for and the next, he becomes moody, distant. He becomes aggressive with her at times. There would be times when she would be tired when she would feel sick when she wouldn't be in the mood to be intimate and he would force her to have sex with him. Twice, he rapes her while she's sleeping. It's not long after that the mental and physical abuse begins. Constantly belittling her, making remarks on her appearance - remarks that, still to this day, follow her around, making her highly insecure about herself. He grabs her hard enough to leave bruises, he slaps her, hits her, hurts her in ways she never thought imaginable.

January 2011 - December 2012:
The abuse worsens, becomes more violent. At this point, Libby is being isolated from her friends and family. Somewhat due to Brett, but partly due to her not wanting her family and friends to know about what's happening. She finally decides she can't take it any longer, she leaves.

January 2013:
Libby goes to stay with Poppy Hawkins, a girl she met in college and became close to. Poppy had become like an older sister to her, a motherly figure even, though Libby doesn't tell Poppy, Della, or anyone what has been going on. She covers up the abrasions with makeup.

Poppy's younger brother Wendell Hawkins is also staying with her. Uncharacteristically for her, Libby gets drunk and she and Wendell sleep together.

When she found out she was pregnant, she wasn't sure if the baby belonged to Brett or Wendell. She's not sure what to do, but feeling ashamed of making such a dumb mistake, she keeps the information to herself.

April 2013:
When she finds out that Brett is the father of her baby, she feels that Brett deserves to know. He is furious; he doesn't want the child, it screws up his plans. He tries to convince Libby to get an abortion. She refuses. She wants to keep the baby, and she regrets telling him.

Mid-April, 2013:
Brett's parents find out about the baby. His father congratulates him and while doing so, one of his colleagues overhears. He assures Brett that this is a good thing. Libby is an excellent trophy wife, and the baby will be good for his image. Brett rethinks the entire situation.

June 2013:
Jewel approaches Libby and convinces her that the baby would be better off having its parents together. After some thinking, Libby decides that she is right. She goes back to Brett, having no idea what is in store for her or her child.

July - October 2013:
Libby has a difficult pregnancy. Though he assures her he has changed, it doesn't take long for the abuse to start again. She pleads with him to stop, telling him that she could lose the baby. He doesn't care; if she loses the baby, it's a win-win. Imagine how sympathetic everyone would be if she had a miscarriage.

October, 15th, 2013:
Despite his efforts, Libby carries the baby to full term. At 8:07 at night, Rachel Elizabeth Haynes is brought into the world. Present are Greg, Della, Poppy, Dylan, Logan, Zara, Jared, Buck, Toni, and Chimney. Not present, Rachel's father or any of Brett's family. This doesn't bother Libby in the least.

Despite the turmoil in her life, she is overjoyed to be a mother and she's already in love with her beautiful baby girl.

November 14th, 2013:
One day before Rachel turns one month, Brett gets the news that he won't be working at his father's firm. After making some dumb mistakes and losing money for the firm, his father and his father's partner cuts Brett loose. Enraged by this news, he gets drunk, and soon after he beats Libby. When he finally passes out, she escapes with Rachel and leaves Brett for good, or at least she thinks so.

Libby stays with Claire Buckley. Claire's younger brother works with Greg, both she and Buck have become family for Libby, Greg, Della, Dylan, and the entire Haynes family. Claire has been through this situation before, and she gives Libby a safe place to stay, though Libby makes her promise not to tell Buck, Greg, or anyone what has been happening.

November 28th, 2013:
Thanksgiving day, Jewel contacts Libby, pleading with her to go back to Brett. She apologizes for Brett's behavior and assures Libby that he is going to change. Despite Claire's best efforts to convince Libby to stay there with her, Libby goes back to Brett's home.

January 2014 - January 2016:
Libby does her best to avoid Brett as much as she can. Most of the time, he's out partying, hooking up with other women, traveling the world on his father's dime. Libby doesn't care much. The times when he is gone are heaven, but that doesn't last. It never lasts. He always comes back home, and when he does, it's hell to pay. He abuses Libby regularly. It's easy to ignore, as up until now, he hasn't hurt Rachel. As long as he's not harming their daughter, it's easy for her to overlook her suffering.

July 5th, 2016:
Libby and Rachel come home from Della's birthday party. Unaware that he's been drinking, she finds Brett asleep on the couch. She does her best not to disturb him. She knows what will happen if she does. She puts Rachel down for a nap and she heads to the kitchen to clean it up when there's a knock on the door. The next-door neighbor needs help moving something around in her garage, Libby agrees to help, thinking Rachel is safe.

Less than twenty minutes have passed, but when she returns, the house is in shambles. Things thrown about, glass broken across the floor. Her heart drops to her stomach, thinking he's done something to Rachel. She grabs a knife, ready to kill him if he's done something to their daughter, but she's stopped when she hears Rachel's crying. Brett has locked the two-year-old in the pantry. Rachel is terrified, her eyes full of tears. Libby bundles her up and takes her next door to the neighbor. This is it. This is the last straw. She's leaving Brett and this time, nothing will make her come back.

She goes back to the house to pack a bag for her and Rachel, not realizing Brett is still in the house. He tells her that he saw texts from Wendell, he knows about the two of them, though how she's never figured out. He calls her a slut, a bitch, a whore. He threatens to kill her and when he notices her packing a bag, he loses control and beats her, worse than ever before. He leaves her lifeless body on the floor of their bedroom, and though she can't hear him because she's passed out, he warns her to be gone by the time he gets back.

Forty-five minutes have passed and Libby has not returned for Rachel. The neighbor's husband goes to check on Libby only to find her lying on the floor. He immediately calls 9-1-1. When the call comes in, and Greg recognizes the address, he insists on taking the call. Buck keeps Greg outside while Chimney and Toni work on Libby, stabling her to transport to the hospital.

July 6th, 2016:
Libby is awake, the doctor assures her and her family that she is going to be fine. She also tells Libby that she is pregnant. How the baby survived such a traumatic ordeal, they can't understand. Despite what's happening, Libby is happy about the news but is confused as to how the baby survived, or how she didn't know she was two months pregnant.

Mid-July, 2016:
Libby goes into hiding. It gets back to her that Brett is looking for her, and she is scared for her life and Rachel's. She moves into a halfway house without anyone in her family knowing, she is taken in by a young woman named Leslie who recognizes the fear in her eyes. Libby tells her about what she's been through, and Leslie assures her that she will be alright, that she will get through this.

End of July 2016:
Greg and Logan track Libby down, and they convince her to come home. She and Rachel move in with Greg and he and Logan promise to protect her and Rachel; nothing will happen to them as long as they are there with Greg.

August-December, 2016:
Libby gets complacent; she hasn't heard from Brett in months and she puts the entire situation behind her. She feels like she can move on with her life now. She is excited for the new baby to arrive, and she's excited about the direction of her life. She almost forgets that Brett even existed, but then he finds her.

December 3rd, 2016:
Brett breaks into the Haynes home while Greg is at work, Rachel is at daycare. Libby is getting ready to leave for work when Brett abducts her. He shoves her into his car at gunpoint and threatens that if she tries to escape, he will come back and kill Rachel.

December 4th-5th, 2016:
Brett holds Libby captive. He cares nothing about her being pregnant or the threat to the baby. He rapes her repeatedly, he keeps her tied up when he is away from her, to ensure she won't escape. She manages to free herself and tries to run, but he catches up with her.

He has a knife in his hand when he comes after her and stabs her seven times. She manages to get the knife away from him in a struggle, and as she's fighting for her life, she stabs him repeatedly, how many times, she doesn't know, but it was enough to deal a fatal blow.

Brett collapses on the ground and Libby struggles to get away and get some help. She's sure now that her baby is gone, and that she'll likely die herself. As she's ambling up a hill, her vision goes blurry and she sees a figure in the distance, not realizing it's her cousin.

Logan runs to her side and catches her in his arms, and she's awake just long enough to hear him promise that she's going to be okay, he's going to save her.

December 6th, 2016:
Libby is rushed to the hospital and has an emergency c-section. Miraculously, her baby survived the attack. The knife missed the baby by an inch, and they were able to deliver her safely, though she is premature by a month, and they aren't sure if the baby will even survive the night.

December 7th, 2016:
Libby is still recovering from surgery, but she has to be close to her baby girl, who she has named Deborah Grace Haynes. Gracie is holding on, refusing to give up.

December 12th, 2016:
Libby is released from the hospital, but she continues to stay there as Gracie has not been released yet. She refuses to leave her baby girl's side. But Gracie's vital signs are strong and she is looking good.

December 15th, 2016:
Gracie Haynes is released from the hospital, the doctor assures Libby that despite the way she came into the world, Gracie is going to be a healthy baby. Libby and her two baby girls go home with Greg.


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