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southside princess. — Bella Thorne as Paige Townsen Gif Hunt

On her way to the dance studio, Mackenzie had decided to pull up outside of the local diner and get herself a coffee and maybe a muffin or a wrap to go with it. She’d been struggling a lot lately and had been falling into her old eating disorder habits, but that was not a path that she wanted to travel down again. She didn’t want to be admitted into hospital or have a breathing tube shoved into her stomach in order for her to be able to survive, so a muffin was a small step towards taking control of her life once again and a coffee? Decent coffee was the one thing she missed about New York! After finding a car park only a few feet away from the entrance to the diner, she shut the engine off and opened the door, slipping out and closing it behind her. Glancing up and down the street for a brief moment, she stepped onto the sidewalk and walked over towards the entrance to get her coffee. 

After Mackenzie had stepped over the threshold and threw the door, she made her way into the diner and headed straight for the counter. She was running a little late so had decided that she would just grab a coffee and a blueberry muffin to take away and she’d eat it on the way to the studio. Placing her phone and keys down on the counter, she looked up at the menu and sank her teeth into her lower lip as she thought about her options. “Um, can I just grab a large latte with soy milk and a blueberry muffin? Oh, a chocolate chip muffin too, please,” she smiled, opening her wallet and pulling out her card. “Thank you,” she smiled, swiping the car and paying for her order. Once it had gone through, she turned her attention when she heard a familiar voice. Peyton. They had been friends since childhood, having been in the same year at school, but they hadn’t really spoken since Mackenzie had returned to Hartsville. 

Moving to the side, Mackenzie smiled and moved over to hug Peyton and although she’d been about to speak, she
stopped in her tracks when she remembered her phone and her keys. She turned to move over and grab them from the counter but when she did, she noticed that they were gone. “Where’s my phone?!” she frowned.
“Has anyone seen my keys?” she added as she looked around, her hand moving across the counter as if they would suddenly appear when she felt for them. “What the hell. Did anyone hand in some keys? And a phone?” she questioned the barista who simply shook her head. Turning, she glanced around and arched a brow when she noticed Zoe. She was friends with her youngest sister and knew that she was a little bit light-fingered. “Zoe?” she questioned, moving towards the other female. “My phone and my keys. Now.”


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