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The Chalk Line

The Chalk Line
attn: Revolutionary and Bar Fight / mention: Good as Hell
When the world went all to hell, why was it Klaus right in the middle of it? Tyler Lockwood had been revived from his status as being dead thanks to the bargaining of the Gods and his own bloodline. He didn’t pretend to understand it, but he knew that he was back from the dead just in time. Fortunately for him, Jackson Kenner had decided to adopt this wayward Hellhound and make him a part of the Crescent Pack. He’d never had anyone to mentor him when it came to being a wolf, he just sort of learned all along the way. With the exception of Jackson’s wife Hayley, nobody really gave a damn about him being a wolf. Well, almost nobody.

The last one that cared was Olivia Parker. The blonde Parker witch that was the baby sister of the murderous psycho Kai was lying there dying as the result of her brother’s actions when he attacked the wedding of Alaric Saltzman and Liv’s big sister Jo. Tyler had been gravely wounded and thanks to the Travelers, he was an untriggered werewolf again. His girlfriend wanted him to kill her so his own mortal wounds would heal. Tear stained eyes and a sense of right and wrong told him that killing the woman he loved more than anything was the worst thing he could do. Yet the overwhelming desire to live drove him to fulfill Liv’s dying wish. She wanted him to go on and take his second chance. The only way he could do that was if he became a triggered wolf again. It became etched in his memory that moment where he took his hands and held them over her mouth to keep her from breathing. When she took her last breath, he could feel his body starting to heal. All he could do was hold her limp form to his chest and wail. The end justifies the means? The means was nothing but a hot pile of steaming crap.

Fast forward about a dozen or so years and here they were again. The first one who saw him through his initial change into a wolf had been Caroline Forbes. His love for Caroline ran deep. She sacrificed everything for him. She could have been killed so many times all because of his status as a werewolf. He’d even been compelled by Klaus to bite Caroline. When he realized what he’d done, he ran. He could have killed her, but no. Caroline ended up getting the cure from Klaus himself. Klaus Mikaelson had taken everything from him and that included Caroline. His hatred for Klaus ran deep. How CAROLINE of all people could actually side with Klaus eluded him. It would have hurt less had Tyler not still been in love with her. Caroline was and would always be the one who got away.

Tyler was currently in the heart of the bayou with the rest of the Crescents. He was one of Jackson’s chief lieutenants. Right now, he had to get his head out of the clouds and get back to what he was doing. Tyler had removed his shirt. In his hands he held an ax that looked like it had seen better days. Given his augmented strength, he could use the ax if he wanted to, or do like the old movie where the superheroes were hiding out and just rip apart a few stumps. He wasn’t exactly Captain America and Jackson did have the goatee like Iron Man but he wasn’t a man in a fancy tin suit. The Bayou Jesus as some called him was a staunch protector of the Crescents. Tyler counted himself lucky to be a Crescent by adoption. He went back to splitting wood for the fires not only for the still but for the entire hideaway in the Bayou. Wolves survived for centuries without electricity. This was just one of the many things that Tyler was learning being a part of this pack.

His muscles gleamed with sweat as he lifted the ax high and let it crash down again on the wood in front of him. The wood splintered and fell on either side into the piles that Tyler had accumulated. He was about to raise his hands up for another swing when another one of the female wolves came toward him with a pitcher of lemonade. “Looks like you could use some of this Ty.” She told him with a wink. She was a pretty little thing with red hair and freckles. When she smiled at him, Tyler grinned back with an expression that looked like a big silly dog. She poured a glass for him and handed it to him making sure her fingers touched his just a little bit too long.

Tyler’s laugh that bubbled forth sounded a lot like a boy that didn’t know what to do or how to behave around girls. He had been a werewolf for a lot of years now, so he was always used to the idea that he wanted to do the horizontal boogie at a moment’s notice. He just tried to keep his mind on other things these days. “Thanks Tess. I appreciate it.” He took the glass of lemonade and raised it to his lips. She left the pitcher and the tray on the stump where his shirt was hanging. She walked away from him with an extra sashay in her step. Tess was a fully triggered werewolf like most everyone was here but she was half his age. So If Tyler touched it, Jackson wouldn’t kill him Hayley would. Last thing he wanted to do was to tick off his Alpha and his Queen.

Tyler finished off his glass of lemonade and sat it back down on the tray. He inhaled sharply and shook his head as he turned back to the task he had been left to do by Jack and Hayley. After this, he was going to need to go jump into the nearest swimming hole and leave his clothes on the shore. Emotions were always high when you were a werewolf, but when your ex girlfriend and the man she left you for are Public Enemy #1 and #2, that was a whole new ball of wax. He knew he was being watched closely by Jack and Hayley. He couldn’t afford to screw up anything now.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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