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April 22nd, 2021

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 21
Country: United States

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April 12, 2021


04/14/2021 04:33 PM 

about callisto

callisto romano was born on october 20th in seattle, washington to italian american parents, and is 21 years-old. she is an assassin, the deadliest female assassin of the west coast, working for an italian mob known as "russo italia" as their only hitwoman, and she had a terrible childhood. a highly abusive father, a rather delusional and timid mother. her physically and sexually abusive father led her to a rebellious life, with no protection from her scared mother, leading her to constantly fight in school, and make friends with the wrong crowd. being a juvenile deliquent was no fun for her believe it or not, it was all just a way to escape from her father and to this day she is still mentally trying to escape from him. she eventually meets an italian mafia boss, frank russo. he was extremely dangerous and interested in recruiting a hitwoman, and callisto so happened to be from an italian background. the boss always wanted a daughter, so he raised her through her teenage years from age 15-19. she ran away from home and lived with russo, finally teaching her the ways of the mafia and how to kill. she gained excellent stealth abilities and weaponry skills. callisto also gained an obsession for killing, she loved to see blood, she loved to even taste blood. with everything she learned and the thought of her dad, everything just drove her to this obsession. it was like getting high. luckily, she has good self control...maybe. she currently lives in a nice penthouse in the city of seattle and hasn't heard from her parents since she was fifteen. if her father is still alive, she hopes one day she can kill her father, that's why the obsession has overpowered her, it's her father's blood she truly wants to see splattered and his lifeless body chopped into pieces. the unimaginable happened to her at the hands of her bastard father. but this beauty is a rare form of crazy.



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