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04/11/2021 03:02 PM 

say goodbye [cs]

december 30th, 2013 - during the last show on both fleetwood mac's 'on with the show' tour
and the last show of the year for the band, lindsey buckingham dedicated the song
'say goodbye' to his ex-girlfriend stevie nicks -- and then she sang backup vocals during
the song. the next morning on a vegas radio show, stevie was asked why she broke down
crying on stage and was unable to finish the song.

"i - uh - that's only happened twice in my career. the first one was back in 97 during
'the dance' tour, and for reasons very similar to why it happened last night. i won't
and i can't go into too many details simply because some things should always remain
private, but it's obvious most of his [lindsey's] songs are about me and our past relationship,
as most of mine are, and it's obvious say goodbye was one of them. it felt like there was a
shift persay with last night's performance of the song and that's all I'm gonna say about it;
i got the message he wanted to deliver with that dedication last night."



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