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04/10/2021 11:18 PM 

ending a war. [cs]

july 17th, 2009 - stevie nicks and lindsey buckingham record 'solder's angel"
for her album 'in your dreams', a camera crew caught the making of the song for her
documentary also entitled 'in your dreams' 

"i go to walter reed hospital frequently to visit our wounded solders, and the first time
i went in there i went with no issues or problems, and when i left i was a changed woman
i was a grieving mother, a sister, a friend and i knew i needed to do something to give back
to these men and women so i do what i do best - i wrote a song. when i decided i wanted it 
on this album i needed someone who's guitar playing matched my emotions with singing 
it, so i called lindsey. it's nice, after all these years, him and i can be in the same room 
working on music and not be at each other's throats. he's truly my best friend, and i feel
like him and i working on this together was like a new beginning for lindsey and i. in an
way, it was like it ended a long war."


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