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Things with Sarah seemed to be finally getting back on track. They’d been good friends once upon a time - no, they’d been like family. She had been her older sister’s best friend.. She had been her rock, she’d been like another sister to her, or at least that had been the case until Mackenzie had decided to sleep with her boyfriend. She’d only been 19 at the time and changed a lot since then, but still, she knew that she had hurt the other female a lot and had been trying to make up for that ever since the two of them had reconnected at the coffee shop. She wasn’t sure if they would be successful in rekindling their friendship, but she was hopeful! It wasn’t like she had an awful lot of female friends, preferring to stick to herself, so when Sarah had agreed to meet her for a girls’ day out, she had been more than happy about it. 

Drinking, dancing, and a show. That seemed like the perfect way to spend a Sweet Saturday. Maybe even a few tasty treats from the bakery up the road too. Hearing her phone start to ring, Kenzie answered it and raised it to her ear, a warm smile spreading across her lips when she heard the other female’s voice. “Hey. I’ll be at Kraken & Grill in like, half an hour. See you then!” she stated as she hung up the phone and made her way over to her car. She opened the car door and slid into the driver’s seat, fastening her seatbelt before making her way towards the restaurant and bar. Reaching over, she turned the radio on and turned the music up. She wished that she was as talented as the voice on the radio; maybe then she wouldn’t have been stuck at a dead-end job working for tips as a bartender, but then again, maybe if she actually turned up to her shifts she wouldn’t have been. 

Taking a deep breath, Kenzie shook her head and freed her mind of the million things that seemed to be flooding it as she made the short drive to the restaurant. She was starving, but mostly, she wanted a drink that she didn’t have to get herself and at a place where she didn’t work. Finding a park, she opened the door and grabbed her purse and phone, sending Sarah a quick text. “Hey. I’m here. How far are you?” Once she’d sent the message, she shut the car door and locked it before heading inside and making her way straight for the bar, glancing around as she weaved her way through the various people standing around, making sure that Sarah hadn’t already arrived. After perching herself upon the barstool, she leaned over and waved down the bartender. “Hey, can I just grab a glass of wine please?”



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