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The House ON Hill Street - ** Face Claim ** - Wattpad

#past drabble


“I’ve already told you, Mackenzie. You are not going anywhere!” the older woman scolded the 16-year-old. Who did she think she was? She wasn’t her mother, she couldn’t tell her what to do or where to go and Kenzie reminded her of that often. Rolling her dark brown hues, she turned on her heels and stormed out of the house, slamming the door behind herself as she left her grandmother’s home and walked over to the awaiting car. “Hey, thanks for picking me up, Brody,” she mumbled as she opened the car door and slid into the backseat. She could see her grandmother out of the corner of her eye, running out of the house and waving a slipper as she protested her granddaughter leaving. “You are just like your mother!” she screamed as the car pulled out of the curb and headed down the road. She was used to her grandmother carrying on like that now, and so were all of Kenzie’s friends. Her grandmother always had something to scream about, but Kenzie let it roll off her back and tried not to let it bother her, though that was easier said than done. 

Biting down on her lower lip, Mackenzie sunk into her seat and pulled her seatbelt over her slender frame as she pulled out her phone. Once she’d unlocked her phone, she searched for her girlfriend’s last message. “I need to see you.” She could feel the tear cascading down her cheek as she sent the message. Avery was her favorite person. She was the one person who Mackenzie knew that she could always talk to no matter what and in that moment, she was the only person that Kenzie wanted to be around. “Hey, Mac. Sure you don’t want to come to Joey’s party? It’s gonna be a real baller.” Glancing up from her phone, Mackenzie glanced over at her friends and shook her head. “Nah. I’m just gonna go for a walk. I need to go and clear my head,” she mumbled, shrugging her shoulders, but she knew that the boys would understand. They knew her grandmother, Brody having dated her older sister for over a year. “Call me if you need anything and I’ll come and pick you up.” Nodding, Kenzie gave the boys a little wave as he pulled over and opened the car door. “Thanks, B.” 


After walking through town for ten minutes or so, Kenzie felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and pulled it out; smiling when she saw her girlfriend’s name pop up on her screen. “Hey, baby. Meet me at The Vault. I’ll be there in twenty. Love you xx.” It was amazing how one little text from Avery could make her feel so much better. She shoved her phone back into her pocket, knowing that Avery wouldn’t expect a text back - she’d been with Mackenzie long enough to know how she was and that she’d turn up. Running her hand through her hair slowly, she turned the corner and made the short walk to The Vault. It was their special place. It was where Mackenzie had first told Avery that she was in love with her. It was where they’d had their first real kiss so it was special to her. “A?” she called out as she walked through the entrance. She didn’t even know if the place had another name, but to her and Avery it was the vault. Maybe they’d named it that because of it’s shape, or because for the first months of their relationship (before Mackenzie had come out to her family), it was the place they’d escaped to in order to keep their secret. It was a vault, it was their vault. 

“Hey red,” Avery grinned as she bounced around the corner and into Mackenzie’s embrace. As Mackenzie wrapped her arms around the blonde and placed a gentle kiss against her girlfriend’s soft lips, she felt a tear escape her eyelid and roll down her cheek. “Baby what’s wrong?” Mackenzie slowly pulled back and wiped her tear, biting down on the corner of her mouth. “I had a fight with gran,” she mused, shaking her head and walking over to sit down on the floor in the corner, shaking her head as her gaze moved from the floor to her girlfriend’s face. “I’m too much like my mother apparently. I’m too much of a handful.” Pulling her knees up to her chest, she wrapped her arms around her legs and tilted her head to the side. “Can we just stay here tonight?” Avery didn’t say a word but nodded, moving to sit down next to Mackenzie. “I love you, Blondie,” she whispered, moving her head to her girlfriend’s shoulders and closing her eyes.



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