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04/10/2021 09:07 PM 

The start of it all - Drabble/Sample.

This is based on a song, McKenna Breinholt - Save Me.
You can look it up or you can click the link below.



So much f***ing blood.


The night turned out to be so good at first. Her mother was laughing at something her father was telling them from his last hunt. Being the clown of the family, Alethea Rosa Brooklyn sat between her father and mother by the couch in front of the fireplace. Big brown eyes peering up at them with interest - The story was funny, she never cared for hunting monsters, it was a kind of something they had to do when the time came to it. The small living room was part of a cabin she and her family are in, the carved wood held up from the time of the three families of ancient war. A rectangle carpet made out of black fabric allowed herself and her sibling to feel warm while sitting. She was less interested in the hunting, but James, her brother dull honey eyes stared with interest. The wide grin on his face making that pretty obvious.

James was a sickly pale teenager, older than herself by at least an hour. At least he was supposed to be, but his lack of seriousness left him acting like a fool. Even as a fool, some thought he might be a good older brother. Alethea inwardly sighed. Oh, how she wished. By any account he was a tall lanky male with a sickly complexion and light brown eyes; almost like the color of honey and a dash of brown mixed in there. He had long brown hair tied into a low ponytail with low bangs falling down his forehead but leaving middle space. A square jaw made him somewhat tense-looking - which was a complete bull. James was a coward through everything.

“...And then the basta-”


The mother of the two frowned at the male sitting on the couch. His head snapping to her at the icy undertone, before allowing a slow uneasy smile to take over his face. Rania didn’t seem to care for it, though, and rolled her eyes at them. Unlike either of her children, she has her hair black through her years, cut short to her shoulder to frame her soft heart-shaped face. The same deep brown eyes narrowing at the man she loved.

“Sorry dear,” He tried to say with the same smile. His voice quivered with the tale sign of hidden laughter, which was easy to note. He bowed his head, allowing his hand to rub the back of his head. The dyed hair of black and blue left him with less than a fatherly image. He also had his little girl’s brown eyes with a hint of green spots in them. Some assumed that he would have the same body as his son, which was partly true. Steve Brooklyn wearing clothes seemed to be rather lanky, but once that was gone he appeared more of the fit type of fair amount of strength.

“Anyway, this hunter appeared cocky as hell.” Steve continued with another amiable smile. The room instantly covered with tension when their mother spoke. He spoke, and the room went back to easy laughs and smiles. James and Alethea's shoulders instantly losing the tension much like the entire room.

Rania sighed heavily, closing her eyes, allowing her face to soften while sipping on her coffee.

“The fool fell on his own gun and shot himself in the knee! All we could do was stand there, staring at him stunned while he was screaming.”

Alethea blinked slowly. “...How could he be stupid enough to do that?”

“Yeah, did he forget he dropped his gun on the ground?” James continued, eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “You have to be bloody stupid or brain dead to do that.” He scoffed, turning his head away to drink the rest of his coffee.

Rania sat her head back on the couch and withheld a laugh in their direction - at least she tried. It came out as more of a snort than anything else.

“...Okay, kids. Don’t be mean he was pretty badly hurt.”

James flushed with some shame in response to this. “S-Sorry.”

“...Didn’t you say he deserved it?” Alethea squinted her eyes at them, her face scrunching up with distaste; Why did she have to be sorry for someone like that? He was cocky and got what he deserved. Those types of men are downright annoying. In school, she had to deal with the same kind. Safe to say, her education was never boring.

Whatever I can always say sorry and think about it. Alethea decided, rolling her eyes to the ceiling. “Sorry, there. Happy?”

“Thea.” Rania frowned slightly. “Don’t be like that with your father. We both know the truth, but we shouldn’t enjoy someone’s suffering...” Her lip twitched at the corner.”...Even if they deserved it.”

The Brooklyn’s erupted in laughter at this. It wasn’t every day you caught the wife joking about something like that - Rania was the polite one of the family, but that didn’t mean she didn’t think certain things that could be... Rude.

“A-Alright, Alright. Now, I have to go...”

Just as the older male stood up, the ‘older’ sibling stood from his place, his honey eyes bright. “Dad, you said I could go this time.” He proclaimed, his head turning to his mother at the same time. “I can go now, right?”

Alethea closed her eyes and slowly stood. As if to back out of the area, she quietly turned on her heel and made way for the small kitchen. Apologetic glance thrown over her shoulder to her mother and father.

“...James.” Steve began slowly, glancing at his wife hesitantly. “I don’t-”

“How long are you going to keep me in the dark!? Thea’s already took part, why can’t I!”


The woman of the house allowed her voice to boom in the house with authority, her lips pressed into a stern line. Dark brown eyes narrowed dangerously when Jame’s opened his mouth to shout back at her once more. “James. We would have said yes, but didn’t you take another panic attack just yesterday?” she asked logically, standing from the couch and folding her hands in front of her lap. “What parents would we be if we just said yes?”

“Not every good ones.” Steve joined in after moving to her side and placing his right arm around her shoulder.

The blood rushed to his head, unlike those other times where James would feel guilt and calm down somehow. His hand clenched at his side until his knuckles are white. Narrowing his eyes back at his mother. “Really?” He bit back at them, startling Alethea, who was peeking around the corner with wide eyes in his direction. “You know what? Fine.” He turned his head away, throwing a menacing look in his sister’s direction before walking out of the cabin.

“Jam-” she tried to call out to him. The door slammed before she could utter a word out more than his name. She found feeling the guilt. He was right, he might be sick, but she got a chance before he did. Maybe they haven’t been giving him time to be a big brother or a man.

That night she tried her best to console her mother, who was stunned to have seen her son look at her with so much hate and resentment. Alethea couldn’t do much about it, other than punch his face when she saw him. With a heavy heart, she left her father and mother that night and returned to her bedroom on the second floor. Then she walked into the bedroom and ran her hand through her long brown locks that went down her back. Eyes closed tightly, a headache forming from the events previously downstairs.

I swear if he shows his face... she draws a breath to crush the sudden nerves and emotions lingering with her, just a second ago she was pitying him, and now? Brooklyn’s and their temper, both siblings shared it, unfortunately. Her eyes opened and scanned her bedroom, her hand touching the wall near the door and flipping the light on.

In all of her life, she stood to be... Not a tomboy, but not entirely girly either. She could fight like any male out there, and she adored boots and anything with a heel. That didn’t mean she wanted to put on pink or be bright - unless her hair counted. Alethea thought about doing her hair like her father one day. Maybe not now but later on in life. The room was dimly lit, the wooden flooring was cold, so she walked around in socks. The room was painted in a deep blue around her wall and her queen-sized bed fit near the door. On the right side was another door for her personal bathroom, and she had a couch at the front of the bed. Her bronze covers and white sheets complimenting the color theme. It wasn’t too much.

Alethea tugged the sash around her waist and slid the black robe off her body, hanging it up on a stand on the wall by her bed. Crawling on it and sliding under warm covers. The light fabric of her gown did little to cover her in the frosty night air. She made sure not to walk around without heavy clothing when she could. Naturally. Taking another breath, she laid down and slept early that night - yet sleep didn’t come, anyway.

Night ironically spooked her out way more than anything else. She didn’t know why, but it just seemed like something was watching her sleep... Honestly, she prayed that was wrong, but it didn’t seem like sleep would come tonight. Six hours of laying in bed and tossing and turning left her feeling frustrated and annoyed.

Eventually, her body fell back on the bed with a thump, her eyes narrowed into the tight with her lips pressing into an angry line. This is f***ing ridiculous. The teen thought, squinting her eyes when something flashed into her room.

“...What?” Throwing herself up for the tenth time that night. Her eyes squinted harder to see a light again, fire maybe? Alethea frowned. Hunter's instincts kicking in right away. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and quickly grabbed some clothing from the floor. For now, a fresh pair of jeans and a white shirt would have to do. She didn’t have time to find anything else.

Sh*t, sh*t. She cursed her darn luck, then realized something even worse. Oh god, what about James?!

Her eyes widened with horror before she stumbled into some old trainers and pulled her door open. “James? Jamie, are you back?!”


Silence followed with her call, making her heart thump against her chest, clear panic crossing her features. Alethea opened his door across her own and checked in to see it clearly. Stepping inside some more, her gaze shifted to the window open with the wind blowing the green curtain lightly, brows furrowed slightly on her head when she neared them. Heading cautiously, peeking out to see the fire in the distance.

A shaky breath was released from her mouth, reaching for the window above her head, dragging it down to keep out the cold air. She hated James for making so much trouble for them. This was getting beyond the joke now.

Alethea turned on her heel and made way for the door again with a heavy sigh. “James, where the f*** are you?” She questioned to no one, at least she didn’t think so.

Then suddenly the sound of a crash downstairs alerted her to some trouble. Jumping slightly, her body moved into action and darted back out the door. The door handle pulled so hard it slammed against the wall on her way out. Heading right downstairs when her mother suddenly popped up around the corner with her hands on her shoulders.

“Ma...-” She opened her mouth only to gape, her mother's lovely hair which was tied into a neat bun before now half-cut on the right side, the rest falling down the left. Her nightgown was ripped up down the front of her chest with blood sticking to the fabric and her pale skin.

Confusion rose instantly in Alethea, her brown eyes looking at her mother in concern. Rania shaking her head, her trembling hands shushing her instantly. “Not now.” She said her eyes looking behind her and then back to her daughter.

Something is terribly wrong. I’ve never seen her like this... Alethea was stupid and shut her mouth, instead allowing her gaze to search the room. The crash must have been her mother coming back from the hunt. Then where was their dad? Her eyes darted to her frantic mother and fear slowly filled her body, her body freezing on the spot. No, he was okay; he was careful - he had to be.

That was all she had to tell herself when her mother looked back and met her gaze with a tight-lipped smile, one that left her unsure and more worried than ever.

“Alethea, you need to be quick. Come with me.”

The frozen girl tried to speak but found her mouth dry, only able to slowly lick her lips at her mother’s request and nod her head. Rania turned and lead them downstairs, pressing a finger to her lips to keep her quiet. They made their way into the basement and the first to walk in was her mother, who decided to not touch the light. Instead, let them walk down blindly.

This place was so old that they had an underground tunnel built underneath, in case something happened. Alethea has always turned away from the room, and she could now see why that was from where they stood at the bottom of the stairs. The walls glowed in the dark, with hunter runes and wards protecting them from whatever attacked. “Mother, what is this place?”

“A secret tunnel. Our family built it. You need to use this to get out of here. Just you.”

“W-What!?” Alethea said, startled out of her stunned state, reaching out to grab her mother by the shoulder and turn her toward herself. “Ma, why would you say that? I can’t just abandon you!”

Rania shook her head, and her lips pressed together in a grim line. “You have to, your brother, he’s still out there, and your father...” She turned away, her voice quivering near the end. “Those vampires knew he was coming, he didn’t make it.”

It was like a cold bucket of ice fell over her head in an instant, and then someone pushed her into the fire. The sound of her breathing quickened, “...N-No...”

“Yes,” Rania said, this time more firmly, moving up to the wooden floor and kneeling. Pulling the lock off and moving the door to the tunnel. “Go, if anyone. You should, we can’t let them win like this.” She tried to tell her little girl, moving from the floor to find them a flashlight and extra batteries in case the tunnel went on longer than her husband said.

The sound of her breathing only seemed to quicken while her mother pulled out a duffel bag. This was always there in case of this, so she piled it with whatever was there for now. Alethea's heart pounded against her chest fast. Her chest rising too much for her to calm down, her eyes closed tightly. Shaking her head at her mother and turning to the wall, the sudden anger that filled her then made her clench both her hands at her sit. “Where is he?”

The question was said with all the venom she could muster. Rania cast a knowing glance in her direction and turned back to the bag and zip it. “...Thea.. I-”

“That f***ing bastard!” Alethea seethed suddenly, the volume of her voice going up instantly. Really, she should have been ashamed for coming to this conclusion, but from the way her mother didn’t bother to face her she knew it was right. Her blood boiled at the thought of seeing his face, her eyes narrowed slightly. “...And you want to wait for that traitor?”

“He’s my son...”

This made the angry sibling scoff and turn away from her again. Really, why did she bother to ask? She couldn’t ask her mother to throw away her love for her son, could she? Still. She couldn’t help but sneer at her mother for it while she wasn’t looking at her face. Then Alethea closed her eyes and took a shaky breath, her body trembling with such raw emotion.

Neither of them said another word when the bag was lifted off the table. “...Thea, you should know that your brother might be turned.” Rania began, watching her turn slowly with a look of disinterest. She swallowed something stabbing her heart from the look she had for her only sibling. Of course, she couldn’t blame her for it. “Just be careful, should he come to you... Think about what you might have to do.”

Alethea clicked her tongue and looked at the bag. Her hand gently taking it from her before she shouldered the bag. “...I know.” She eventually said, stepping down the ladder through the trapdoor. Her brown eyes looking up at her mother with a scowl. “Ma-”

Her next words were cut off when something slammed into the door. Rania glanced at it and took a deep breath. Her face mirroring a look of determination before she looked back. “Go now, don’t look back.”

“Ma, please!” She tried to say, but the door closed on her before she could go further.

Oh god, why did he do this?

Alethea lip trembled slightly, her angry swiftly changed. Her eyes slowly filling with tears, only to step back from the ladder when something heavy fell on it. The muffled screams left nothing for her to guess who it was...

James... God James, how can you do something so unforgivable? How could anyone, family or human, do this to the person they care about? was hunting that important? She swallowed thickly. She couldn’t go there right now, but she knew it would be her job to hunt him down, eventually. There wasn’t any if or why she could bring up. She knew part of her would take pleasure in it.

Eventually, she turned on her heel and pulled out her flashlight. Her finger turned the light on, and she made the long way back to the surface - wherever that was from this tunnel.

Alethea never looked back to that night. Her guilt wouldn’t let her. She was an escapist at heart, after all.


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