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April 05, 2021


04/10/2021 04:43 PM 

EXPLANATION on Xanthippi's Abilities and little snippet of stuff.

This face claim is perfect fit and has been for so long that I've used her because she changes looks so often; hair, eye colors, and all that. From always, beeing on the run she needed to have her identity hidden away from those looking for her - - basically, she has been on the run from the Gyfytoi/Romani/Gypsies because of her gift; she was an empath, but much more than that. 

Besides the overall basis of an empath - - sensing and able to feel emotion of anyother persons, waves of their auras that at times overflood her with grief, excitement, anger, etc.

Took her to adjust and still does because these set of strong emotions can take a HUGE toll on her.

But, besides being an empath she has a gift of being able to emotionally heal another.

If you're familiar with the Angel series, and I'm a huge huge fan of Cordelia Chase  . . like SQUEE! Anyways, how she was able to just a tad bit emotionally heal Connor (Angel's son)! No? Just me then!  Well then, Xanthippi along with an emotional bond with another can emotionally link herself to feel their trauma and heal another's soul from all their turmoil they have gone through. Hatred? She can easily flush that out as a protection also to herself.

For if she was to get attacked by another a light of protection over comes her body as a shield in not being able to get killed or captured just as easily. Her skills as a dancer had helped her to easily establish the basics of martial arts, but she can be over powered easily - - which the aura of protection that comes to life when she is to get attacked comes in hand for her.

And this why I have also listed as 'one to be desired' because /she/ is literally desired for her gift - - you fiends! Ninety percent of you thinking it's something lewd! Shoo!

That's it for now!



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