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04/10/2021 07:53 PM 

A bad moon rising-

A Golem is a creature formed out of a lifeless substance such as dust or earth that is brought to life by ritual incantations to serve the bidding of its creator...
The creator is even more dangerous!

Kol should have expected as much! Marcel wouldn't give a flying f u c k i n g toss about what was going down in the 1st Cemetery, not if it didn't benefit him in some way or other.


"First of all, why is it that every time witches something's going on with the witches the finger is pointed at me? I have no need for their magic. Also, bold of you to assume I give a damn. If something's happened you're looking in the wrong place, my friend. Why don't you go ask your brothers? I'm sure Klaus and Elijah know a hell of a lot more about it than I do....wait wait wait in fact, go see Freya she's always happy to sacrifice a witch or two. For the greater good of course"
He didn't even care if the Witches were the only way that they had even the most remote possible way of bringing Davina back!


"You know what Marcel... You're a bloody pratt! And I was right! You never deserved the Mikaelson name!"
Kol spat back at him.
"Those people are the only ones who stand a chance of bringing Davina back for us! .... And you'd rather sit here on you're   s h i t pile of a self declared royal f u c k i n g throne, thinking you're above everyone else and saying it doesn't concern you! You know what...  You never deserved Davina's loyalty or trust in the first place! And if she could see you now... She'd be disappointed in you She'd never forgive you for this!"

Anger, frustration, grief, desperation...They were all overwhelming feelings. And Kol knew that if Nic had had to describe them upon a canvas, they'd have been dark and overpowering of any other thought, feeling, or colour. They'd of been exactly like the Golem in the 1st Cemetery! They'd of had the ability to draw the life from every other colour in the painting and slowly consume them all! The work of art would have looked no more than a stained canvas of muddy brown and shadow!

Angrily he picked up a chair and tossed it with force at Marcel's head. He wanted to rip his heart out. Right there and then! But every moment he wasting... Another Witches life was in jeopardy... It meant there was one less Witch left in New Orleans, that could help him find a way to bring Davina back!
Kol didn't wait to see if the chair had hit its mark, he was already halfway down the stairs and out the door by the time he heard the telltale sounds of metal and wood splintering and rattling as it bounced off the brick walls and scattered all over the warehouse's floor.

The trip back to New Orleans seemed to take forever! He'd lost count of the times he'd tried to phone, Nic, Rebekah and Elijah. And Freya wasn't answering her phone either! It didn't bode well! Nothing did this night! And it didn't take a genius to figure out that all of it... All of it was linked to what Kol had witnessed in the 1st Cemetery. And he knew, that if there was any chance to stop it... he had no choice. He'd have to go back there. Even if it meant facing it alone!


 N Rampart Street was all but deserted by the time he got back there. And across the road, 1st Cemetery lay still and silent. If the Golem was still there... it had gone silent. As he reached to unlock the Cemetry's gate, Kol paused and took a deep breath... if the Golem wasn't here,  where would it have gone? Who would it be after next? New Orleans had always been a magnet to the supernatural, it made it an almost impossible task to figure it all out. There was nothing for it.  He'd have to hope that the Cemetery would in some way, hold the clues. Who was controlling the creature...and where would they go next! 

Exhaling he pushed open the gate and cringed as its rusted barrel hinges let out a shrill groan of protest. If anyone was in a hundred meters radius, he'd of alerted them, right there and then to his presence! Cautiously, Kol made his way into the silent Cemetry...

The paths that had once been kept pristinely clean by the Witches of New Orleans now lay scattered in dirt and debris... It wasn't hard to pinpoint where the destruction had started... All he'd had to do was follow the path left by the creature. A trail of all but destroyed mausoleum's that lead deep into the Cemetry's centre. It looked like a bomb had gone off! All around him the mausoleum's lay in rubble, bricks and mortar mixed with the protruding bones of Witches long past.... and the dust.. it still clung heavily in the air. But one mausoleum stod alone, barely untouched within the epicentre of the chaos. The only seeable damage was a gaping hole in its faceplate!


Trepidly Kol made his way over.  It was old, older than most of the other tombs in the graveyard. The bricks and mortar had been eroded by time, the name above its faceplate barely distinguishable ... Cautiously he leaned forward to look inside.  It was empty. There wasn't even a couple of scattered chunks from the faceplate inside, and there would have been if the damage had been done in the battle that had taken place only an hour or so ago within the cemetery...
Frowning he reached, to wipe the name upon the mausoleum clean. 

Marie Laveau! 

She was the first know Witch of New Orleans, the first that the general population of New Orleans knew about, anyway.
Kol frowned. Why would anyone want to take her bones... There was only one real reason he could think of, and it didn't bode well. If it was what he was thinking... Someone had done magic they shouldn't have! Someone had woken the Ancestral  Witch...Someone had pissed her enough that she had latched hold of the magic they had been creating and had found a way to inhibit their body; pretty much like Ester had done when she'd found a way back before. Pretty much how she'd placed Finn and himself in the bodies of other Witches to help her do her bidding. And her bones.. well she or the Gollum had obviously taken them. In a bid to keep them safe in a bid to try to ensure they couldn't be used later at some time against her.

Behind him Kol heard the soft crunch of a footstep upon the rubble, he wasn't alone and he wasn't about to take the chance that whoever it was, was a friend! If Marie Laveau had really found a way to rise from the grave, it wasn't just the Witches of New Orleans that were in trouble!  She'd use them all to consume their power and life forces with one single purpose in mind....to eradicate all of the other supernatural denominations in New Orleans! And claim back the city, the land the stomping ground, that was known as her own!

But where had she got the power? Who the bloody hell was she channelling to obtain enough power not only to create the golem to obtain more... but to control the Witch..the vessel she was using, to conduct her bidding...

Before the Witch behind him had a chance to raise her hand and cast a great deal of pain upon him, Kol was behind her. His left hand firmly grasped around her neck... In one simultaneous move, he snapped her pretty little neck whilst his right hand ripped out her beating heart.  Overkill.. maybe, he just wasn't about to take any chances...

But as the sudden pain twisted ripping up through his eyes in an explosion within his brain, he knew it was too late. The Witch had been used as bait. A single moment that was needed to immobilise him by another!
Crying out in pain Kol released the dead Witches body and heart from his grasp, raising his hand to grip his own head instead and crumbled; falling to his knees as the witches body landed upon the ground before him.

Everything inside his head screamed in agony as the pressure continued to build and build. It felt as if his brain was turning to mush...that at any moment, his head would explode like a bullet ripping through a pane of glass... He could barely see, he could barely move... he'd been left defenceless by the small party of Witches who had come to gather before him...
And as his sight came and went in spasms of pain, while his vampire side waged war trying to heal the continuous onslaught of aneurysms cast by their spell... He could only make out one face clearly...

"I knew it was only a matter of time before you'd return..."
She smiled as she stepped forward, from the other Witches around her.
"I needed the most powerful Witch I could find in New Orleans, and with your family always messing with the laws of nature, it didn't take me long to have Freya in my grasp. After that, it was easy, It seems your families trust in their older sister is impeccable! One by one, I lured your little sister and your brothers away, immobilising them to syphon their power! And now I have you too!... "


Freya's face smiled down upon his as she continued ...

"There is nothing to stop me from coming back for good! From having the power to eradicate all the Vampires and Werewolves within MY city in one delicious snap of my fingers!!"...



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