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Getting down to business

We all want a place that feels like home, Right? Well, a home is what YOU make it! The same goes for a group. A group will only thrive if those who are in it WANT to be there and make the most of it! Anyways our goal here is to not only write but have a home and a place to escape the real world.


In character drama is absolutely welcome, in fact, it's highly encouraged. What makes a group fun? The in-character drama of course! This leads to better storylines, thriving muse, and even gossip for the confessions. However, the out-of-character drama will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. If you feel like you are being bullied or given a hard time, please reach out to us via the MOP or Discord. We will ask for any proof you may have (screenshots) and investigate in a fair manner and handle it accordingly. We want this to be a safe place for EVERYONE so, leave the OOC at the door and do not bring it with you.  Failure to do so will result in removal from the group, consider this your only warning.


For any group to thrive activity is key. We will have a small and easy point system. We will give you more information about our point system upon your acceptance into the group.  We also monitor activity through IC status, participation in our server (at least once a week), and if necessary, character-building activities.


Discord is something we do require within our group. Discord is how we will track your points and you will be required to participate once a week in any blast location. As mentioned, we will be using this to track points. Meaning we will have two separate servers. More information will be given upon arrival. If you have read this far, answer the question “have you read the rules” with a funny joke.


We understand everyone needs a break due to muse or something happens to come up unexpectedly. We are more than happy to grant and/or help with providing you a hiatus. The max is 3 weeks. However, for extenuating circumstances, we are willing to grant a longer hiatus but you MUST communicate with us. Failure to communicate with us will result in removal from the group. Keep in mind while you are on a hiatus you will NOT be able to earn points but that will not count against you in any way.


After being accepted into the group you will have set deadlines that will need to be met. We require a three-paragraph biography (minimum) up within your first week. We ask that by your third week you have your four connections (if you are having issues, please let an admin know) and your layout up. Throughout your time with us, you MUST maintain a minimum of four connections at all times. You may always have more; we encourage it. No owes should be over 2 weeks. If this happens, we will send you a warning and you will have one week to get it out. Failure to meet these with zero communication will result in removal from the group.

Catch all;

We are a create your character group though some people may have roles they would like filled. We do have a Tumblr that houses all of our most wanted roles. Keep in mind if the link is not up it is because we currently do not have any at this time. We are a normal-based verse with crime and triggering elements so this is the only trigger warning. Failure to log into your page for 4 consecutive days is considered abandonment and you will be removed. We are here to write, which includes the admins as well, so we will update the Tumblr on certain days of the week (2-3 days a week). We do not have any restrictions when it comes to relationships within the group. All that we ask is you inform us of any big changes such as engagements or marriages. If you did not join with children then you will be required to fill out a change character form and run this by the owners. If you were removed for any reason, you must wait two weeks before you are allowed to re-audition. If you leave on your own accord, you only need to wait one week. However, if you make it a habit of leaving then joining we will have you wait two weeks.

** As a courtesy we ask that if you are leaving the group, please let us know. We will not hold it against you in any way. We are very understanding individuals and will welcome you back at any time if you choose to come back.

These are subject to change at any time so make sure to check back frequently. Thank you for your time and we hope to see you make this place your home. Lastly please sign with your favorite animal. When auditioning you MUST sign correctly or you will be asked ONE time only to re-read and sign them again.

   X The holy faith admin team 

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