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April 06, 2021


04/07/2021 09:08 PM 


Welcome to Somerville, Massachusetts!



We are a dark city and crime based role-play group. There will be a little bit of everything from drugs, sex, murder, as well as many other dark and taboo themes.  We will not ask anyone to change their creation because it makes others uncomfortable, we do not stiffle anyones muse here in The City. 


For any role-playing group to survive we need to see activity. Without it, a group simply can not last. Of course you are not expected to be here every day, but there will be activity checks and the owners will check your owes list. We understand life gets in the way, but your owes list should not be sitting for longer than a month with owes on it. You are expected to have at the very least, three active storylines within the group. We will do group blasts as well, and while they are optional, you won’t want to miss out on the fun. If a hiatus is needed please reach out to the owners and we will be happy to provide some flexibility with acivity. Eventually we will be having a bi-weekly activity check. There will be plenty of notice between checks. If an activity check becomes challenging or you need extra time please feel free to reach out.


This is a ‘create your own’ type of roleplay group, we do however have a few things we ask of you; your character must be 21 years of age or older and 100% human (no witches, warlocks, wizards or werewolves). We will only allow one character per writer in this group, if we find out that you are being dishonest and playing more than once character, both will be removed immediately.


Discord is a must here in The City. Discord is where group conversations will happen. If general chit chat isn't your thing that is totally fine but you will be asked to participate in blasts.


No one is perfect and we understand that, we all make mistakes. But please have the general basic of grammar down. We are a multi-para role-play group. Your replies and starters should be at least three paragraphs in length with six to eight sentences per paragraph. In group blasts para writing is completely fine. Quality over quantitiy.


We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for out of character drama. It will NOT be allowed. We are ALL adults here so let’s act like it. If you feel you have a problem that can not be solved with another member then please come and speak to the owners and we will be more than happy to help. In character drama is HIGHLY encouraged!
We reserve the right to change our update these rules as we see fit, at anytime.
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