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04/07/2021 08:24 PM 

Audition Form

Please send your audition via messages only. The subject should include the character's name in which you are auditioning for.




1. What made you interested in The City?

2. What can you bring to this group?

3. Did anyone recruit you? Or are you filling a role for a current member? 

4. What is your Discord Handle? (Discord is required.)

5. Have you ever been a member of The City? 



1. First, Middle and Last name: (Please check the taken information first.)

2. Age: (21+)

3. Face Claim: (Please provide two, give us links if necessary. Also let us know if you want your face claim listed as undisclosed.)

4. Occupation: (You can use real names of businesses in the Somerville area, or make up your own.)

5. Neighborhood: (Please list two, just in case your first pick is filled.)

6. We need to know their relationship status, and if they have a child/children?

7. Quote or lyric that best suits your character: (Keep this between 1-2 sentences. Please keep it relatively short and sweet.)

8. Mock Twitter Handle: (This will be used for status post.)

9. [6] Personality Traits: (3 positive & 3 negative.)

10. Brief Bio: (Please provide at least one paragraph about your character’s current life.)

11. Secret: 

12. Writing Sample: (Please provide a sample of your writing. This needs to be no less than 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph must contain at least 6 sentences or more.)


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