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April 11th, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 32
Country: France

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April 07, 2021


04/07/2021 04:24 PM 

Règles de La Beauté Malveillante

  • I am a writer from MySpace and decided to bring my character back to rp again. My character is an original character for The Vampire Chronicles verse, however she will be glas to discuss stories with anyone.
  • Celeste is not a nicey nice character, be forewarned she can be quite treacherous and malicious. 
  • The writer prefers to write in multi-para to novella format, she can & will write in both first and third person.
  • Discord is fine but it will not be used so people can harass me for sexual banter/rp. 
  • All romance and sexual rp will only be allowed in active storylines & only if it flows with the said storylines.
  • Celeste has some fetishes however she does accept or condone animal abuse, rape, or weirdo, gross kinks like poop/urine, vore, lolita, child abuse, etc.  Be sensible and ask before proceeding to write about something someone may be disgusted by please.
  • I have no time to hold grudges against anyone however if you wronged me in the past, I consider you to be irrelevant in my life and in my time online. I wish no harm or ill will to anyone but I will not associate with known troublemakers either. 
  • I love writing but sometimes my reality gets busy. Do not get mad at me if I am slower than usual, ask me if I have not already informed you of a delay.
  • I do not mix fantasy with reality. Do not  fall in love with who you think I may be, rest assured you do not know me that well and I will never ever fall in love with someone online. If I cannot see, touch or be in your actual physical presence, I will share no deep feelings for you. I will care for you as a friend, and as a co-writer but never anything more than that. Trust me when I say I am not harboring nor will I ever harbor any unrequieted love for anyone online, to me that is just ridiculously silly.
  • I am an adult writer. I am over 25 years old in reality. I do not write with children or people pretending to be children.
  • I am not a sucker. I do not fall for scammers, con-artists, or online panhandlers ever. I will delete you for this sh*t.
  • I am a vampire and an original character, do not assume that its difficult to write with me as it really is not.
  • I think that is all at this point, if there is more I will add it in as I go. 

please sign when you have the time so I know you understand my rules. Celeste Valois.


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