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Reply to Iron Eagle

Sam had been thorwn a huge ass curve ball in life, her dad - mom and brother...were gone. Yes she had wished they were in times she was upset and felt like a caged animal clawing for a way ot get out. To be free....wasn't as fun as she though tit would be. Even though she had followed him and went inside of Johnny's apartment, she had no idea her father had appointed him gaurdian over her, yes she had tramenous respect for him. He was one of her sense's afer all and a close friend now of her fathers. But...to have him watch over her? Hell he couldn't even watch over Robby and make sure he was taken care of, how was he suppose to take care of her?

It wasn't until the day after when the will was read she found out, he was to be her care taker. She had told the laywer that she was staying in the room as the whole will was read, which he reluctantly agreed seeing as she wasn't going to leave easily. The night before the reading of the will, Sam had been quiet, stewing in her own anger - she chose to stay away from Johnny not wanting to take it out on him. Later that night she had text him, 'I'm sorry if I come off as bitchy to you when I know your just trying to help... I really do appriciate you taking me in tonight.' She asent it and turned her phone off. After heading Miguel come and chekc on her, she felt releived he sitll cared after going back and forth between Kreese and doing the right thing.

Snapping back to reality as the laywer said her name, "Ms. LaRusso, are you ready for me to read the will?" He asked, looking at him she blinked and just nodded. It was hard ot focus on what he was even saying at this point, they had been there for a hour or so before it was even read. She heard bits a pieces, "Daniel and his wife Amanda appoint Johnny Lawerance as Samanatha Grace LaRusso's gaurdian if something should happen to them..." she kept zoning in and out, unintentionally of course. "The house, cars, dealership and money goes to the children. However, they can not touch the money or dealership until they are 21. A college fund is in place for both, only to be used as such upon thier graduation days of high shcool. Until then, enjoy being kids." 

The laywer pulled out a letter and handed one Johnny and the other to Sam, thier names were written on them in Daniel's handwriting. "Daniel instructe me to give this to you at the end, read them when you are ready." As they left the laywers office, Sam fought back tears as she stared at the letter in her hands - the last thing her father written to her. She closed her eyes a moment as she sat in Johnny's car as she waited for them to leave. She stayed quiet as Johnny drove them to wherever they were going. HIs phone started to ring, "Hi this is James at the morge...I need you to bring Sam by to identity the bodies if you could at your earliest convience....I was able to identiy Amanda nad Daniel...but the child...was...burned severely."


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