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Emma's World

Emma Charming is the daughter of James Charming and Snow White, granddaughter Cora and King Leopold. She plays much the same role of the Evil Queen from the show except she was born into the position. Yes, Cora got her way and yet she is still unhappy. Her mother, Snow, is not as good as she is on OUAT. There is an expected curse but not one that has happened yet. Her mother marrying the oldest of the two brother is destined to become queen of King George's kingdom.

Another twist in her realm, quite shocking, is that King George actually marries Ruth despite her not being born of royal blood. So James and David are his biological children which makes King George and Queen Ruth her grandparents as well. Ruth settles the once angry tyrant down into a loving man, father and grandfather. James and David are both good men, but James seems the better of the two in their realm. David is a bit on the cocky side, and he ends up marrying Zelena.

Zelena and Regina are the daughters of Henry and Ava. Ava, like on the show, only wants her children happy and to respect those of a lower rank than they are. While the elder daughter marries up, Regina ends up marrying Daniel which stays the same with the girl's first love. Now another tid bit is that Daniel and his wife start to work for King Leopold and Queen Cora soon after the two marry. Cora doesn't like it seeing the way her daughter, Snow White, takes a vested interest in Regina. She tries to kill the newly married female stable hand only for Daniel to sacrifice himself as Robin did for her. The difference is that she was Rumple this time. Rumple takes Cora's heart before she can harm the other woman. "I'll take this for safe keeping." He states before sending her on her way.

Regina is to say the least confused on what just happened. He tells her that he can't just sit back and watch the savior die. This adds even more confusion for her. He takes her under his wing, but he teaches them both magic. Now his magic that he teaches Emma is nothing compared to what she actually performs. He does remove hearts to control those with dark souls. Now he actually fell in love with the Blue Fairy even though she was much older than him. There is a lot to take in, but that is a little about how my world is different from the show.

Oh another thing that changes, Henry is actually the biological son of Daniel and Regina. He is conceived shortly before Daniel's death. It is the one thing that makes his mother so grounded. As he grows older, he becomes more and more protective over his mother seeing as Emma is always out to kill his mother. Emma hates Regina for what she is. She is always foiling her plans especially when she wants to kill someone.

Let me know if you would like to discuss a storyline and if you would rather her come to your realm or you go to her.


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