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04/07/2021 12:09 PM 

Knockin' On Heavens Door

“What the f*** are you doing here now?!” 

Suddenly woken up out of her sleep, Mia looked over at her old man. Hues roamed and landed on Elijah. “Dad shut the f*** up for once. And you f***ers need to stop scaring me like that,” she hissed at Adriano. Standing up, she gave Elijah a quick hug before checking her father’s vital signs and IV. Once complete, Mia turned around. Seeing the look on her boyfriend’s face, she immediately grew concerned. “What?” she hissed at him. After last night’s events, there was only so much more she could take. Clearing his throat, the younger male explained to them that Portia Creed has died. 

Walking through the halls aimlessly, Mia ignored everyone around her. Shock had taken its full course. Reaching the morgue, the female leaned against the wall and kneeled. Why now? Why today? She remained in position until the coroner placed her aunt’s body on the autopsy table. Once the room was cleared, the brunette stood on her own two feet. Staring at the body, tears rolled down her face.

A Few Hours Later. 

After a few emergencies, the petite woman made her way back to the morgue. Stopping at the doorway, she watched her father. Adriano, held his sister, crying. Heart broke into pieces all over again. Rushing off, she grabbed a wheelchair. “I could use the company…” she whispered to the older male. Taking a seat on the stool, Mia moved closer to the table. The tears started up again. 

Just as she was to begin the autopsy, Mia was it with sudden nausea. Head spinning, she immediately stood up. “Mia?” Adriano looked over concerned. “I’ll be right back.” Rushing off to the bathroom, the female leaned over, throwing up. What the f***? After a few minutes, she washed herself and made her way back to the morgue. You need to get through this. They’re all counting on you.

“Auntie Portia. My poor heart. Your grandbabies were just born. I promise you; they’ll grow up learning about their precious grandmother,” she began talking. Examining the body, she noticed a bullet that hit Portia’s liver. Pulling out the slug, she put it to the side. For the remainder of the autopsy, there was complete silence. The last thing Mia had to do was send up blood to the laboratory. 

Standing up, Mia leaned over her aunt’s body. Giving the woman one last kiss on the forehead. “Whoever did this to you. I promise, they won’t get away with it. I also promise to protect Raven, Kennedy and Creedean with my life. I love you, so much.” 


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