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03/21/2021 10:29 PM 

Homoflexible and how it applies to Eros PSA

This has come up and been an issue of confusion, so I thought I’d define it for you. 

Eros is homoflexible. What does that mean?

No, it’s not bisexual. It’s most akin to bi-curious in that he is homosexual, but he can and has had relations with the opposite sex. He can, on occasion, derive pleasure from sexual interactions with women, but only under certain circumstances. This does not mean you have to prove you are ‘THAT SPECIAL WOMAN’. You’re probably not. He’s happy to flirt with you and be your best friend and maybe even kiss and fondle you if you you both form a special connection, BUT PLEASE do not go into getting to know him with the expectation he will be with you. This is truly a rare occurance. I will help you out by saying he prefers strong and assertive women to submissive women, but seriously, slow your roll, ladies. He's the god of desire, not prostitution. Just be his friend and you're golden. I promise you'll have a good time regardless. 


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