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April 21, 2014


02/26/2021 02:54 PM 

Justify my Existence

 How futile it's my my life, painted in detail among the changing colours in the leaves that now have dried out in the ground, where am I'm? Precisely, this is a game you play yourself in the programming of knowledge. Well, I keep myself in the fog of the dawn in the Shire by the smial of the dead end, as to be precisely its how initially was called.

 Away from Asgard found the Gods to be out of reach for my apples and within the villages coming together found a land for this fruits to be humbly a part of a gift to the hobbits. If there was an intelligent cyber system could recall infinite time line in the future as how it's to act and move my body into this space, a sweet home to and familiar friends around is all I need as where I'm at.

 Was contemplating the definition of power as a fast and highest resolution as a new domain of possibilities and it's flooded chaos in each apple, yet it taste as knowable and wisdom to me. Easy appealing and free with vitamins, you pick it and let each do as they wish. Some times no one comes and it's fine too, it radiates by a force of love rather than pressure, unless you need a sharpen dagger to cut in pieces and share a bit, onto your own as well, make a pie, who knows? let if fall as it reaps it self when matured. It's beyond my control or boundaries to watch the weathers change in nature. The agriculture. I don't think anyone considered it self a slave or a pagan but for the good work, readings of nutritions dances with ale all blended with bread anc cheasse atop the tables. I'm indeed eager to come out in human form it's just an hypothetical love to the town and its nature as we come toguether.

 Get the meals done takes around four hours and having 50 interactions right will build a relation fine, it's just that I also like to be useless and provide a shade in summer, I do not wish my wood to be cut for furniture as practical it could, I'm so crocket and twisted from trunk to branches and deep down in my routes that it's to much work to build something straight as to be or burned into fire because the knots in me bring too much smoke. It reminds me of a Zen story about humility on being useless, and it enriches my soul to not make it any better than for this apples and warmth. Yes, could go beyond this boundaries as a body carries it's mobile.

The first rays confronts the unknown of the day, the silence is redundant making me softer and receptive with nearly as much the oxygen and photosynthesis of the night starts now to absolve the sunshine, Im pregnant by a genuine joy because it makes no difference if I know how to do this things or others, assuming I'm before God as the birds are nesting in me, coming and going. It inhabits an unity of beauty that I had to create the runes as to explain, but still it's riddling on the hierarchy of biology in us, innate to discover generating curiosity. Was called regarded to be just a bush as an insult, non is important to know as to achieve anything anymore but for a mystery I'm to guard with the whole of this justify existence. 

 Could just lay there and suffer miserably from a striking storm, life is very complex and it does have a meaning inside this paralysis, its something worthwhile to step out making it in the world, it all starts at home as a psychological state within the self or mind, shallow, deep. There are so many variants as to know how will it end, 5 years is enough as to say is close to our purpose and transcends so my creation comes upon us, the Green Dragon's Tavern makes me flavoured as to try those cakes. That's worth living to find out, a fine basket with apples will do for a friends visit. Anyways who wan'ts to work for a pay when the job so playful.

 The dying of the industry and 'the machine' is starting to radiate upon on the return at the beginning of the cosmos where an environment is felt, fundamentally, to fix it at this divine chaos that's to much to bare, just move, the snake it's so demanding lurking down to sale me as if my product is a sin. No, I won't delude into the illusion of realities, a sincere play is good for me away defining the Baggins from the others, or this flowers from the grass, would bushes compare when they all share the cake of this new day? Hum, it has been a while. 



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